Hypegram : A Message From The Founder

Hypegram.com is a bot that analyses online news websites with deep learning algorithms to help you discover hotnews, breakingnews and the latest up to the minute news stories updates.

Hypegram.com is an artificial intelligence bot that groups news together to detect newsworthy subjects from a wide range of news sources.

Join in the conversation today! find out what's happening worldwide summarised using one of the smartest algorithms in content curation through language processing.

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About Hypegram

Hypegram was created in October 2015 by me, a software engineer named Ayman Chit AymanC.com based out of Beirut.

From the looks of it, hypegram is a news curation platform, which might imply that i'm in the news business, nothing could be further from the truth.

The initial driving idea behind Hypegram was that if you had a set of a data, uncategorised but with an inherent intelligent design based on the nature of the data, there must be a way to automate an AI that would detect that design, whichever it was and outline it for people to be able to browse that data in an intelligent way.

That idea was the drive behind the clustering algorithm i developed, from that there were many biproducts that offered curation and content ranking based on that intelligent design i spoke of earlier.

So, after all that work, i ended up with a system that ranks data based on deep learning of that data without actually measuring user interactions,
The 'AI' i developed seemed to be more intelligent than i planned it out to be, from that a lot of other plans became clearer
Now i'm working towards developing a much smarter AI, with speech enabled features, that would make use of all aspects of the algorithms i had in place to make hypegram functional.

So, please use the platform and help me get funded.

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