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SNES Classic Edition pre-orders start later this month

Fox News
76 d ago

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Nintendo claims there should be a lot to go around when the system launches this fall, but pre-ordering is probably a good idea.
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75 d ago
How To Pre-order A SNES Classic
August 3 update: The previously available Walmart pre-orders were ultimately canceled . Nintendo has since revealed that SNES Classic pre-orders should arrive in the US by the end of August. We don't yet know when they will go up for sale exactly, but you can check out the store listings at some major retailers through the links below.
Amazon Best Buy Target
July 21 update: For the first time, the SNES Classic has come up for pre-order in the United States . It's unclear how long it will last for, but Walmart is offering the system here .
Update: Those in the UK may have missed at least their first chance to pre-order from certain retailers, but Nintendo's online store has the SNES Classic available as of this writing.
Original Story: Nintendo announced the SNES Classic today. A miniature version of the classic Nintendo console, the $80 system that comes with 21 games and two controllers launches in the US in September. Given that last year's NES Classic sold out basically instantly everywhere it was sold, fans might be wondering how they can secure the SNES Classic right away.
US retailers are not yet widely accepting pre-orders, but in Australia, you can secure a pre-order right now through JB Hi Fi and EB Games . The console sells for $120 in Australia and it looks a little different than the North American edition.
UK retailer Game announced today that pre-orders were available for the SNES Classic , but at press time it appears that the allocated units have been sold through.
In the US, Amazon has a page up for the SNES Classic, as does Best Buy , but you cannot actually pre-order the system there as of yet. We will update this post as more retailers open pre-orders for the SNES Classic. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest.
The Super NES Classic Edition features a total of 21 games , including some huge names-- EarthBound , Donkey Kong Country , The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past , and Super Mario World are among those included. But most notable of all is the inclusion of a game--Star Fox 2--that was famously never released. Here's the complete list:
Contra III: The Alien WarsDonkey Kong CountryEarthBoundFinal Fantasy IIIF-ZeroKirby Super StarKirby's Dream CourseThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastMega Man XSecret of ManaStar FoxStar Fox 2Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper FightingSuper Castlevania IVSuper Ghouls 'n GhostsSuper Mario KartSuper Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsSuper Mario WorldSuper MetroidSuper Punch-OutYoshi's Island
As with the NES Classic Edition, the SNES Classic features HDMI output and resembles the look of the system it's based on but in a smaller form factor. But unlike that system, it comes with two controllers in the box.
On the subject of supply, while Nintendo isn't sharing specific numbers, it did say it will deliver "significantly more" units than it did with the NES Classic Edition. That said, it only plans to ship the system between September and the end of 2017.
In Japan, Nintendo is selling the console as the Super Famicom Classic--and its game lineup is not the same as in the rest of the world .
77 d ago
SNES Classic pre-orders open later this month, Nintendo confirms
And you’ll get another chance on launch day, too
Continue reading…
77 d ago
SNES Classic Preorders Will Begin This Month
Despite an accidental preorder retail listing last month, Nintendo has announced that the Super NES Classic Edition will officially be available for preorder later in August.
In a Facebook post , Nintendo said the company "can confirm that it will be made available for pre-order by various retailers late this month." While declining to mention a specific number, Nintendo said "A significant amount of additional systems will be shipped to stores for launch day, and throughout the balance of the calendar year." Nintendo told IGN it intends to produce "significantly more" SNES Classic than NES Classics , which Nintendo had shipped 2.3 million units of worldwide before its cancellation this year.
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77 d ago
Nintendo will offer SNES Classic pre-orders in the U.S. in late August
 Nintendo’s next hot retro console, the SNES Classic, is going to be available for pre-order late in August at a number of retailers, the company confirmed today. It’s good news for people left wondering when the console pre-orders would arrive – including the many disappointed fans who thought they’d secured one from Walmart last week only to have their order canceled.… Read More
75 d ago
SNES Classic Pre-orders Available This Month, Nintendo Says
Following a false start at Walmart, Nintendo has announced that SNES Classic Edition pre-orders will be available in the United States in August, ahead of the system's September 29 launch. The company has also again suggested it will offer an ample number of systems following the supply issues with last year's NES Classic Edition.
In a post on its Facebook page today, Nintendo said, "We appreciate the incredible anticipation that exists for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition system, and can confirm that it will be made available for pre-order by various retailers late this month." It did not offer a more specific date than that, nor did it say which stores would be offering pre-orders. Individual retailers may share their plans in the weeks ahead; we'll continue to monitor and track how to pre-order a SNES Classic Edition as more details are shared.
There have been concerns that, in light of how difficult the NES Classic Edition was to find , the SNES Classic Edition will face a similar situation. Nintendo again tried to alleviate these worries, stating, "A significant amount of additional systems will be shipped to stores for launch day, and throughout the balance of the calendar year." Nintendo previously said its current plan is to only offer the system during 2017, adding that it will offer far more SNES Classic Edition units than it did with the NES model .
The SNES Classic Edition includes 21 of the Super Nintendo's best games , as well as one--Star Fox 2--that was never publicly released. Pre-orders have been offered in the UK already, but until now there had been no word on when those would launch in the US. Without warning, the system appeared recently on Walmart's website, only for those pre-orders to end up canceled .
77 d ago
Nintendo promises SNES Classic pre-orders soon, because chaos trumps order in 2017
Nintendo didn't offer pre-orders for its NES Classic in 2016, and that's not changing this year with the SNES Classic. But, the company promises, pre-orders are going to be a thing.
That's the gist of Nintendo's latest SNES Classic news, which takes the form of a Facebook post. The Walmart thing was a foul-up, but you can look forward to pre-order availability from most of the major retailers — Nintendo doesn't name which ones — toward the end of August.
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Here, stare at Nintendo's words and feel the anticipation...
So... uh... there you go. The thing we already knew was coming is, in fact, still coming. Even better: at an undetermined moment later this month, some lucky few will enjoy the privilege of being able to spend money in advance on the thing. Read more...
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77 d ago
SNES Classic pre-orders go live later this month, says Nintendo
Hold onto your seats: SNES Classic Mini pre-orders go live in the US at the tail-end of August, Nintendo announced today. 
"We ... can confirm that it will be made available for pre-order by various retailers late this month," the gaming giant posted on Facebook regarding the SNES Classic a short time ago.
Nintendo acknowledged "the incredible anticipation that exists" for the retro reboot, which sees the SNES shrunken into a adorably compact form and pre-loaded with 21 classic games. 
How to pre-order the SNES Mini Classic Edition
In addition to its arrival in retailer pre-order queues, Nintendo says "a significant amount of additional systems" will be boxed up and sent to stores for SNES Classic release day, which falls on September 29. 
What's more, Nintendo will continue to send SNES Classic Editions to retailers throughout the rest of 2017.
Want something newer? Check out the Nintendo Switch Ready, set, SNES
This is no doubt to keep up with what will be high demand. Nintendo has apparently learned its lesson from the NES Classic , the first console to get the miniaturizing treatment that was also nearly impossible to find before Nintendo ended production for good .
SNES Classic pre-orders got a false start when Walmart started taking orders before abruptly cancelling them last week. Walmart says the console was "mistakenly made available" prior to its official release date.
The SNES Classic Mini price is $79.99, and you'll find it up for order at Amazon , GameStop and Walmart (naturally), along with other reputable retailers. 
There may be more SNES Mini in stock, but we recommend acting fast if you want one; though we'll let you know when SNES Classic pre-orders go live, the console is likely to sell out before you can say "Super Mario World."
Get ready for gaming deals galore on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Venture Beat
77 d ago
Nintendo: SNES Classic Edition preorders begin this month
Nintendo fans who want to make sure they get an SNES Classic Edition will need to keep an eye on retailers this month. Nintendo revealed on Facebook today that preorders for the retro console will become available sometime in August.
The SNES Classic Edition is coming out on September 29. It will include 21 games, including classics like Super Mario World, Super Metroid, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The retro console also includes Star Fox 2, a game Nintendo has never officially released before.
It’s an anticipated machine, but many are anxious about actually getting one. Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition last year, and the device proved to be popular. Sell-outs and shortages prevented many from actually buying one, and Nintendo abruptly ended production even as demand was high.
Fans fearing a repeat with the SNES Classic Edition are anxious to secure a system, and preordering one is the safest way to lock one down. Nintendo did note that it will ship extra consoles on ship day beyond the preordered machines, and that it will supply stores with more SNES Classic Editions through the calendar year.
Preorders already had a false start last month when Walmart made early purchasing for the system available by accident. The retailer had to cancel all of those preorders.
77 d ago
Preorders for SNES Classic Edition start late August in US - CNET
The console will launch on September 29, but you can (hopefully) preorder this box of nostalgia before then.
Ars Technica
76 d ago
Super NES Classic pre-orders start later this month
Is this an SNES Classic Edition in a normal-sized hand, or a normal SNES in a giant-sized hand? (credit: Nintendo )
Though the Super NES Classic was announced over a month ago , US retailers have yet to begin offering pre-orders for the console ahead of its September 29 launch (though international pre-orders are already being flipped for inflated eBay prices ). Now, Nintendo is promising via Facebook that domestic pre-orders will start "late this month" at "various retailers."
After insufficient supplies led to quick sellouts and high resale markups for the discontinued NES Classic Edition, Nintendo is again promising that more systems will be available for the Super NES Classic's retail tenure. "A significant amount of additional systems will be shipped to stores for launch day and throughout the balance of the calendar year," the company writes. That statement follows previous assurances from Nintendo that "we will produce significantly more units of Super NES Classic Edition than we did of NES Classic Edition." The NES Classic Edition shipped 2.3 million units.
Nintendo's announcement follows a retail fiasco last week in which Walmart mistakenly offered Super NES Classic systems for pre-order then was forced to cancel those pre-orders . "We know this is incredibly disappointing to those customers and we apologize for the mistake," the retailer said in a statement. The mistaken listing sold out within minutes late on a Friday night.
Read on Ars Technica | Comments
Business Insider
75 d ago
How to find out exactly when and where you can pre-order the Nintendo SNES Classic Edition
This time, you'll be prepared.
If you missed out on Nintendo's short-lived NES Classic Edition earlier this year, you're probably pining to get the upcoming SNES Classic Edition, the $80 mini Super Nintendo that works with modern TVs and comes with 21 classic games built-in.  
Nintendo revealed on Tuesday that the SNES Classic Edition will be available for pre-order from "various retailers late this month." Considering this will be a very hot item when it goes on sale, I've come up with a way for you to track down when those stores will have the SNES Classic available for pre-order.
Check it out:
Keep this continuously-refreshing list of Twitter accounts open in a tab. It will eventually show when the SNES Classic is available to pre-order. Thomson Reuters
I've compiled a list with the Twitter accounts of stores that openly claim they'll have the SNES Classic available for pre-order, as well as those that sold the previous NES Classic, for good measure. If those stores will likely announce via Twitter when they have the SNES Classic up for pre-order.
You can click here to see the list that I've created , which refreshes as new tweets are posted. I'll keep the list updated if more stores claim they'll offer the SNES Classic for pre-order.
Right now, that list will likely show a lot of irrelevant tweets that have nothing to do with the SNES Classic. It could drive you crazy, but once the news comes out that it's available for pre-order, you'll be thankful you endured the madness. Then, you can click like hell to nab yourself a SNES Classic from whatever store tweets that it has pre-order units available. 

If you want to make your own personalized list to receive notifications of new tweets about the SNES Classic, you'll need to sign up for a Twitter account and create a list using Tweetdeck.
Again, you might go crazy with all the irrelevant tweet notifications for the time being, but it'll all be worth it once you get your hands on that gray and purple 16-bit goodness.
1. Sign up for Twitter (if you haven't already)
2. Go to and sign in with your Twitter account information.
3. On the left of the Tweetdeck interface, click the "+" button to add a column. 
4. Select "List."
5. Click "Create new list." 
6. Name your new list "SNES Classic," or whatever you want, and click save.
7. Start adding the following Twitter accounts to your list:
6. A column will appear containing the latest tweets from all those stores. 
7. To get notifications of new tweets from those Twitter accounts, click the settings button to the right of the column's name.
8. Click "Preferences."
9. Select "Enable desktop notifications," you can select "Enable sound" if you want, too.
10. Select the size you want for the desktop notifications for the tweets. Click the settings button again to close the menu.
11. Click the "Let's Go" button in the blue bar at the top of Tweetdeck to allow desktop notifications. If you run Chrome, it may ask you again if you want to allow notifications. Click "Allow."
You can disable the notifications once you're done. 

Sign up for email alerts from stores that will offer pre-orders for the SNES Classic. Those stores include Amazon... Thomson Reuters
Sign up for an email alert when the  SNES Classic becomes available for pre-order on Amazon . You'll need to be signed into your Amazon account to sign up for the alert.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider
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