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Madden NFL predicts Patriots will win Super Bowl LI

SB Nation
192 d ago


It’s accurate more often than not, too.

In an annual tradition, one of the most popular sports video games released ever year, the franchise, picks its Super Bowl winner. This year, virtual Tom Brady completes a pass to virtual Julian Edelman with under 20 seconds left to win the whole virtual shebang.

But is this a harbinger of things to come? is 9-13 on picking Super Bowl winners, but it’s only been right once in the last three seasons. (The simulation picked the Panthers last season.)

If this is too realistic for your sensibilities, then might I direct you to an extrapolated version of the most important 1-on-1 matchup that we did this week.

Patriots CB Malcolm Butler said he wanted Falcons WR Julio Jones four years ago. . But what if the entire team was made of Jones and Butler respectively? Well, the evil studio geniuses at SB Nation did just that:

In our simulation, team Jones’ Falcons win the day.

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