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Google spreads the love of the pangolin with new playable Valentine’s Day Doodle

The Next Web
184 d ago

apps google tech computing

This Valentine’s Day, Google wants to spread the love with a new playable Doodle that aims to raise awareness of the looming extinction of the pangolin. For this reason, the search engine giant has turned its signature doodle into an interactive game that tells the tale of two long-distance pangolin soulmates whose undying love is now in your hands. The animated game takes one of the pangolin lovers on a journey through Ghana, India and China to teach them how to best romance their partner. In the process, the scaly creature learns how to make a chocolate cake with love, how to craft…

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Business Insider
184 d ago
21 last-minute Valentine's Day gifts every guy will love
The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.
February 14 is going to come up fast.
To help guide your gifting and save you time (so you can get a leg up on planning your romantic itinerary instead), Insider Picks put together 21 perfect presents to get the special guy in your life this Valentine's Day.
These gift ideas are suited for every stage of a relationship. Whether you're married to him or still getting to know him, there's bound to be something he'll love in the list to follow.
And of course, don't forget to tell your special guy that you love him! Because that's really the best gift of all.
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A new everyday watch MVMT
If you have some money to spend, but not a ton, MVMT's timepieces look great on a wrist. This one comes with a brown leather strap and rose-gold case. It's simple but eye-catching.
MVMT 40 Series Rose Gold/Brown Leather Watch, $120

A SprezzaBox subscription Sprezzabox
This subscription box is perfect for any guy who needs to dress up every day for work. Typical items found in a SprezzaBox include ties, socks, pocket squares, and grooming products.
SprezzaBox 6-Month Gift Subscription, $156

A Chemex coffee maker Amazon
If the coffee lover you love doesn't already own a Chemex, get him one. 
Chemex 6-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker, $41.32

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Business Insider
185 d ago
22 last-minute Valentine's Day gifts every woman will love
The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.
The days leading up to February 14 — particularly if you have someone special to shop for — can be stressful. To help guide your gifting and save you time (so you can get a leg up on planning your romantic itinerary instead), I put together 22 perfect presents for the special woman in your life.
These ideas are suited for every stage of a relationship. Whether you're married to her, looking to propose to her, or still getting to know her, there's bound to be something she'll love in the list to follow.
And of course, don't forget to tell your Valentine you love her! Because that's really the best gift of all.
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A set of sheets she won't want to take off her bed Brooklinen
A set of high-quality sheets is a must-have for any bedroom, and  I've gone so far as to call Brooklinen's the best value on the market. The company's Hardcore Sheet Bundle has everything she needs to completely makeover her bed. It includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, a duvet cover, and four pillowcases. 
Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle (Queen), $228
Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle (Queen), $179.25

A fancy candle Nordstrom
Fancy candles are fail-safe presents for any women in your life.
Diptyque Rosa Mundi Candle, $68

A pair of earrings Mejuri
Get her a pair of earrings she can wear every day. Mejuri's jewelry is a new favorite of mine , and I'm guessing a lot of other women will love the company's delicate collection of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. You can check out all of Mejuri's jewelry here.
Mejuri Grace Orbit Earrings, $65
Mejuri Grace Threader Earrings, $170

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185 d ago
Give Some Love to Michael Bolton’s Netflix Valentine’s Day Special
What could have been an easy joke is a smartly stupid delight, anchored by the singer's wink-free performance. How were we supposed to live without him? The post Give Some Love to Michael Bolton's Netflix Valentine's Day Special appeared first on WIRED .
185 d ago
88 satellites will launch on Valentine's Day to image the entire Earth every day
On Valentine's Day, instead of chowing down on chocolates, a group of engineers and scientists are going to get pancakes and a rocket launch. 
Employees working for Planet — a California-based startup — are planning to watch a record 88 of their tiny satellites launch into orbit while eating breakfast. 
SEE ALSO: The first photos from a revolutionary new weather satellite are gorgeous
"This [pancake tradition] originated from the very first launch we had back in 2013," Mike Safyan, Planet's director of launch and regulatory affairs, said in an interview. 
"It was an early morning launch and everyone got together and watched the livestream and we decided to eat pancakes and that's just kind of carried over for every single launch we've had so far." Read more...
More about Space Exploration , Space Photos , Earth , Planet Company , and Space
Ads Of The World
185 d ago
Blush: Fuck this Valentine's Day
The first Valentine's Day poster for lovers and haters alike.
Share: Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest   Google Plus  
184 d ago
Google's Valentine's Day doodle tries to save the pangolin - CNET
The doodle for the day associated with romance stars two members of an endangered species looking for love. We got a peek at where doodles come from.
184 d ago
Pakistan bans Valentine's Day
The Islamabad High Court in Pakistan's capital issued an order Monday that banned the celebration of Valentine's Day across the country 'with immediate effect.'
184 d ago
Why Google's Valentine's Day game is a lot darker than you think
Hop over to Google.com, and you'll see a pair of enamored pangolins prepping for Valentine's Day this week Press play , and you can help the cute scaly mammals fall in love.
Perhaps you'll feel whimsical, or even a little happy.
Consider this your dose of cold, hard reality: The pangolin — a nocturnal, cat-sized anteater — is rolling toward extinction. 
SEE ALSO: Giant rats could help fight wildlife smuggling in Africa
Put another way, pangolins are "literally being eaten out of existence," according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
Native to Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, the termite-eating pangolins are thought to be the most trafficked animals in the world. Their meat is considered a luxury food in many cultures, and their scales are a common ingredient in traditional Asian medicines. Read more...
More about Animal Trafficking , Poaching , Google.Org , World Wildlife Fund , and Endangered Animals
184 d ago
Here's where to get free food on Valentine's Day
You don't need to spend a fortune to spoil your valentine on Tuesday.
Fox News
184 d ago
Google tugs at heartstrings with adorable pangolin-themed Valentine's doodle
Google and the World Wildlife Fund are casting a spotlight on the plight of the pangolins with an incredibly intricate and cute Google Doodle.
The Guardian
184 d ago
How to dump someone on Valentine's Day – or any day – without being a jerk
Some analysts say 14 February is a peak moment for breakups – so I asked people about how they would like to be broken up with, for a change
Last week, Merriam-Webster added more than a thousand words to the dictionary. Among them, “to ghost” was defined as abruptly cutting off all contact with someone by no longer accepting or responding to phone calls or messages.
With Valentine’s Day approaching – a time of year some data analysts have found is actually a peak moment for breakups – I got to thinking about that mundane, uncomfortable and sometimes heartbreaking step that is the breakup, and the etiquette that goes with it.
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New York Times
184 d ago
Modern Love: The Modern Love Podcast: Valentine’s Day Edition
On this week’s Modern Love Podcast, a feast of romance and rejection, drawn from the past year’s best episodes.
184 d ago
Siri has some fresh thoughts on love just in time for Valentine's Day
If you're the kind of person who likes to talk love on Valentine's Day , you can now stop annoying your Valentine's Day-hating peers (we know they're out there).
Apple has equipped Siri with some custom answers to Valentine's Day queries, from booking a romantic restaurant or choosing an appropriately saccharine playlist. It can even give you some ideas for (intentionally cringeworthy) pick-up lines, like: "Is your name Bluetooth? because I'm feeling a connection" and "Like the ideal vacuum, you're the only thing in my universe." 
SEE ALSO: Is your dog your real valentine?
Things take a turn for the awkward and strange when you ask Siri for its thoughts on love. When we asked, "Who is your valentine?" — the response was a stern, "I don't have a valentine, but I do have a rather beautiful ontology."  Read more...
More about Love , Voice Assistant , Siri , Valentine S Day , and Tech
Fox News
184 d ago
Valentine's Day around the world
From Times Square to Beijing, China, this is how people are celebrating Valentine's Day across the globe.
184 d ago
The only 3 apps you need this Valentine's Day
There can be a lot of pressure that comes with Valentine's Day. It's supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, after all.
If you’re feeling lost, look no further – it’s time to let technology be your wingman.
We have the perfect apps for you to kick off your evening, and then keep the fun going all night. As long as you begin the right way, everything else will fall into place and you can focus on spending valuable time with your Valentine.
A photo posted by Dí Mlndz (@dmlndz) on Jun 15, 2016 at 12:06pm PDT
1. 1-800-Flowers.com  
Make sure you start the night off right by giving your partner the perfect bouquet. Read more...
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Daily Mail
184 d ago
Animals get in the mood for Valentine's Day
From the Arctic ice caps to the grasslands of India, animals of all shapes and sizes were caught on camera as they shared an intimate moment with their mate.
The Wall Street Journal
183 d ago
Have the Best (Single) Valentine's Day
For people without spouses and partners, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean loneliness. Strategies for a memorable, indulgent holiday.
184 d ago
WATCH: Valentine's Day by the numbers
Fifty-four percent of Americans are expected to celebrate Valentine's Day this year, with total spending expected to top $18.2 billion.
183 d ago
The Devil’s Guide to Valentine’s Day
The latest installment of the Devil's Guide examines the beauty, romance and commercial spirit of everyone's favorite love holiday.
183 d ago
Forbidden love: Valentine's Day banned for some in Asia
JAKARTA/ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Valentine's Day celebrations on Tuesday were banned by authorities in parts of Indonesia and Pakistan, home to Asia's largest Muslim populations, saying the romantic tradition encouraged casual sex and ran counter to cultural norms.
183 d ago
Valentine’s Day: Top London restaurants you can’t book for love nor money
Wining and dining your loved one on February 14 in one of London's most exclusive restaurants.
183 d ago
How to score a date for Valentine's Day
Many singles who tried online dating said it led to a long-term relationship or marriage.
183 d ago
These countries have banned Valentine’s Day
Here are a few countries that have banned Valentine's Day saying it is not part of their culture and tradition.
The Guardian
183 d ago
Your underwhelming Valentine's Day photos
Crap cards, strange meat products and disappointing text exchanges dominate on what is, unequivocally, the most romantic day of the year
You shouldn’t have. No, you really shouldn’t have.
Readers have been sharing their underwhelming love-themed photos on this most romantic day of the year, presumably in an attempt to make single people feel better about themselves.
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Because i'm addicted
183 d ago
10 Ways To Celebrate Love For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day gets a bad rep, but if you take away all the corny aspects (and no judgements if that’s your thing!), it’s simply a time to share love. Love for partners, friends, family, and strangers. And since our nation and society in general could use some love right about now, the holiday is extra fitting this year. Here are 10 ways to celebrate love this February 14th:
Cook a big batch of something delicious and take it to a local food bank or to someone who is going through a lot (think divorce, infertility or a recent birth, death, or just someone who deserves it). Stand up for what you believe in. Today is the perfect day to get involved with an organization that you feel strongly about. Call them right now! Take a long walk on the beach—with or without a loved one—and pick up trash. Clear your mind while showing your respect for the environment. Bring co-workers goodie bags. Who doesn’t love getting a goodie bag?! And they are super easy to make! Throw in some yummy soap, tea, and maybe a bottle of wine, and let the people you work with know that you care about them. Tip big. Out to dinner with your partner? Spread the love by leaving your server a gracious tip. Visit an animal shelter. Give the lonely dogs and cats at your local shelter some love and go pet and walk them. Treat yourself to a massage and alone time. Remember to love yourself! Pay it forward, or backwards. This is the day to buy coffee for the person behind you in line…and maybe even the person behind them! Get insight from another couple. Call up your aunt, grandma, or a family friend who has been married for decades. Let them tell you all about their love story and their biggest tips for a successful relationship. Then share that with your partner. Give up gossip. A spiritual detox was mentioned here recently, and to spread the love we must remove the hate. Simply let go of negative talk and instead be kind.
Hope you have a V-day full of love! For more ideas on how to treat yourself today, read 10 ways to practice self love .
The post 10 Ways To Celebrate Love For Valentine’s Day appeared first on because im addicted .
Ad Week
183 d ago
Kids Don’t Appreciate Romantic Love Just Yet in This Adorable Ad for Valentine’s Day
Some things, like Hatchimals and Sesame Street, are strictly for the young folks. Other things, however, appeal only to grownups. Take, for example, the Fifty Shades of Grey series and the dark chocolates made by Splendid. Over the past several years, the Montreal company and its creative agency in Israel, BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, have...
183 d ago
5 Things Every Employee Wants From Their Boss On Valentine's Day
What do employees really need to feel valued? Hint: You don't need candy hearts and Cupid's arrow to them you care.
183 d ago
How not to get scammed on Valentine’s Day
Celebrate this Valentine's Day with your heart on your sleeve and your hand on your wallet, NBC News reports.
USA Today
183 d ago
Pakistanis defy Valentine's Day ban with hearts, flowers and love
Usman Shahid didn’t want to break his wife’s heart by not celebrating Valentine's Day with her, so he decided to break the law instead.
183 d ago
Express your love with these League of Legends-themed Valentine's Day cards
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183 d ago
Please for the Love of God Stop Buying Heart-Shaped Jewelry for Valentine’s Day
Hi there ladies, quick poll: Do you have any heart jewelry laying around? I say “laying around” because I’m willing to bet that if you do own something — a $29.99 heart-shaped pendant on a chain, perhaps — you aren’t wearing it.
That’s because, to put it bluntly, most heart-shaped jewelry isn’t cute. Sorry if I’m offending anyone here, but it’s the unfortunate truth. It’s generally terrible. At worst it makes the wearer look like she’s playing Pretty Pretty Princess , and at best it screams “I didn’t pick this out for myself!”
Which leads me to something else about your heart necklace that I’d put money on: You didn’t pick it out for yourself. It was a gift given to you by your grandma, or more likely by a man — a clueless man who has been tricked into thinking all women like heart jewelry, thanks to the sheer volume of saccharine, pandering ads run by Zales, Kay, and Jared around Valentine’s Day.
Despite what Jane Seymour would have you think, there are many of us that don’t like heart-shaped tokens of affection. I’ve got three heart pendant necklaces, all given to me by well-meaning boys, and all of which have been buried in a drawer for the past decade. A friend told me she was given two in elementary school, and she still suspects to this day that they were stolen from the boys’ mothers. (Honestly, I doubt they minded.)
As a gift, a piece of heart jewelry is a total and complete cop-out. Can you think of anything less personal and more cheesy at the same time? It’s a shallow expression of intimacy and love that doesn’t bother to consider what the giftee actually likes, unless she happens to be part of the small cadre of adult women who are actually super into heart pendants.
Just in case you think I’m a scorned lover, I promise that this is not a rage against a dumb boy for buying me ugly heart jewelry. Nope, it’s a PSA. It’s an open letter to try and save a few clueless bros from embarrassment, and a few would-be owners of heart necklaces the awkwardness of having to pretend you like something that you just really, really don’t.
It’s also an appeal to Zales to PLEASE, STOP TELLING PEOPLE WE LIKE THOSE HORRIBLE “INFINITY” HEART PENDANTS , and a plea to to Kay to j ust cut it out. Do you really need to make over a thousand varieties? Did you have to add angel wings , too? (It’s not just the mall brands, either. You’re an offender too, Tiffany . David Yurman, we see you .)
If you really want to buy jewelry for your significant other, I suggest waiting until V-Day passes — because come on, it’s the heart-shaped pendant of greeting card holidays — and buying her something legitimately cool that fits her aesthetic.
And should you need suggestions, we’ve got you so freaking covered .
The New Yorker
183 d ago
Valentine’s Day Word Problems
1. On Valentine’s Day, you go to the mall and buy a skirt for your girlfriend and a “Doctor Who” Lego set for yourself. If the skirt cost fifty dollars, the Lego set cost seventy-eight dollars and fifty cents, and you’re thirty-four years old and don’t have health insurance, does that really justify your girlfriend staying up all night texting her ex after you’ve fallen asleep?
See the rest of the story at newyorker.com
Kindly Don’t
Daily Cartoon: Thursday, February 23rd
Totally Unbiased Survey on the Failing Mainstream Media
Venture Beat
183 d ago
What the data says about Valentine’s Day and chatbots
In honor of Valentine’s Day, we took a look at the difference in usage between men and women on Facebook Messenger bots over the past two months.
Who uses bots more: Men or women?
On average, about 63 percent of bot users are men and 28 percent are women, with the remaining 9 percent unknown or undetected.
Men tend to be more engaged than women in terms of sessions per user per month — on average they have about 50 percent more sessions. Women, however, tend to message more per session – about 12 percent more messages in each session.
In regards to the number of bots men and women use: While the vast majority of users have only used one bot, about 14 percent of men and 10.6 percent of women use more than one bot.
A picture says a thousand words
We examined images sent in to Facebook bots to see if there are any differences between men and women. We ran the images through Amazon’s Rekognition API for image detection, which detects labels and a confidence level. Below are the top labels detected with confidence levels over 90 percent.
While both men and women send a lot of selfies to bots, women tend to skew a bit heavily to sending selfies. The labels Person, Human, People, and Portrait are all detected in selfies. One thing that was interesting is the label “Electronics” — why are women taking pictures of electronics? Do you know why that is? It turns out this indicates when a selfie is taken in the mirror, so the photo contains an image of the phone, which triggers the “Electronics” label. Guys tend to take more photos of cars and motorcycles than women do, which is why you see Vehicle and Car as well.
Speaking of selfies…
Another interesting takeaway from looking at the images sent in to bots is the NSFW images — our poor eyes!
It turns out both men and women send NSFW images to bots, including naked selfies; however it’s predominantly men — about 90 percent of the NSFW images come from men.
Luckily, the overall percentage of NSFW images is quite low — only about 2.5 percent of images are NSFW, and only about 6 percent of bots receive them.
The interesting thing is, even though the percentage of users and images is quite low, when someone does send an NSFW image, they send it a lot!! The average NSFW image is sent almost 5 times, compared to once for a “normal,” non-NSFW image. In fact, some users have even sent the same NSFW image over 100 times! Apparently once you get over the hurdle of sending a naked selfie, you’re OK with sending it a lot.
Bots, how do we love thee
Finally, we looked at user sentiment to see if there are any differences between men and women.
It turns out, on average, per bot, the sentiment for men and women is about the same — how they feel about a bot, whether positive or negative, tends to be about the same.
Since this is Valentine’s Day and love is in the air, we took a look at how many users express their love for the bots they’re using. It turns out women are a bit more likely, at 1.4 percent versus about 1 percent of men, to tell the bots they’re using that they love it!
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