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27 hot cars at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

Business Insider
160 d ago

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The world's top brands came out in force with their latest and greatest offerings at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

From Bentley to McLaren, Ferrari to Pagani, and Lamborghini to Porsche, the next wave of exotics debuted at the show. In addition, there's also a bevy of production-ready models being showing from mass-market luxury brands, such as Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and BMW.

The Geneva Motor Show is now open to the public now and will run until March 19 at the Palexpo Arena in Geneva, Switzerland.


Hollis Johnson


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The Geneva Motor Show has been overrun by red cars
Far be it from me to lay claim to an entire trend, but I did spend my last day at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show admiring two especially pretty red editions of popular cars: the Lamborghini Huracan and BMW's i8 . I found both looked even more delightful with their rouge retouching, and it seems that the car world has agreed with my assessment wholeheartedly.
What was but a little blip on the color fashion map last year has exploded into an absolute deluge in 2017, with practically every car manufacturer introducing a new car in red. Don't believe me? Let's looks at the gorgeous, crimson evidence:
Inifiniti Q50S Maserati GranTurismo Ferrari 812 Superfast V...
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These 8 luxury hotels will let you borrow hot cars for the day
It's time to trade the family-friendly minivan for a Mercedes-Benz. At these 8 properties, room reservations come not only with key cards, but access to some of the sleekest wheels around.
1961 Giulietta Spider, Four Seasons Hotel Milano, Milan, Italy Facebook.com/FourSeasonsHotelMilan
You don't have to be a vintage car collector to appreciate the exquisitely-maintained beauty that is the Four Season Hotel Milano’s powder blue 1961 Giulietta Spider. The sophisticated convertible – which was only produced by Alfa Romeo from the mid-50s to 60s – exudes an old school Hollywood glamour entirely fitting of its Lake Como home. Guests of the Four Seasons Milano – along with those at properties in Firenze and France's Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat – can opt for the exclusive ' En Route to la Dolce Vita ' driving package. While you struggle to decide between the Giulietta Spider, a Mercedes-Benz 190 SL Cabrio, or a Porsche 356 Speedster, the hotel organizes a personalized itinerary through the south of France and Italy, with sightseeing recommendations in Portofino, Finalborgo, Modena, and Parma, among others.

Maserati, Excelsior Hotel Gallia, Milan, Italy Facebook.com/excelsiorhotelgallia
You've just taken a long international flight, elbowed your way through a jam-packed baggage claim, and made it to the taxi stand outside only to wait another 30 minutes or so for a ride. What if instead of standing in a long line waiting for a cramped VW or public shuttle, you had your own private pick-up? At Milan's Excelsior Hotel Gallia, guests bedding down in ultra-luxe Design , Galli Presidential , and Katara Royal suites are swept up from the airport in style – in one of the hotel's three 'made in Italy' Maserati Ghiblis, that is. Not living the suite life? No worries; everyday from 8am to 8pm, any and all Excelsior guests are welcome to test out the bespoke courtesy cars on complimentary, chauffeur-escorted rides downtown.
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Mercedes-Benz, The Ocean House, Watch Hill, Rhode Island Facebook.com/OceanHouseRI
What's better than having a complimentary Mercedes-Benz at your disposal? Having a whole fleet of 'em! The Ocean House in Watch Hill has quite the impressive automobile collection, including a handful of E350 Cabriolet convertibles, SL550 Roadster convertibles, and ML350 SUVs. Cruise around the Gilded Age Newport Mansions, head for one of the area's many wineries (hello, CT Wine Trail), or simply hit the open road on a destination-less drive. We're more than certain that the borrowed whip will have you feeling all sorts of adventurous.

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Ars Technica
159 d ago
Geneva motor show: EVs, autonomous tech, and the end of GM in Europe
Electric powertrains and driver-assist features have been the cutting edge in automotive technology for a while now, and at this year's Geneva International Motor Show both were more in evidence than ever.
There were the obligatory supercars, of course, from Ferrari's 812 Superfast and Lamborghini's Huracan Performante to McLaren's 720S , with styling that was less than universally loved. Aston Martin's Adrian Newey-masterminded AM-RB 001 now sported the name Valkyrie and showed off a profile so slender it seems hard to imagine a 6.5-litre V12 and a driver will both fit inside. There were also debuts for the production version of Techrules' Ren turbine-powered range-extender EV and the (Williams-engineered) Vanda Dendrobium prototype from Singapore, which may make limited production. Even Tata got in on the performance car act, with the Racemo sports car powered by a 187bhp (140kW) 1.2-litre three-cylinder turbo engine.
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Ferraris that zoom to 211 mph. Royce-Royces with diamond-dusted paint. Dan Neil ponders the bubble economy as he tours the 2017 Geneva Auto Show.
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5 of the quickest cars from the 2017 Geneva Motor Show video - Roadshow
There was a lot of fast metal on show in Geneva this year. Here are 5 of the best.
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Five of the Most Futuristic Cars Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show
The Cars of the Future
The cars of the future will run on renewable energy. Or, at the very least, will be hybrids. At the annual Geneva International Motor Show , the world was given a preview of the some of the most futuristic cars (or car concepts) in the works. We’ve already shared the details on Sedric, Volkswagen’s autonomous “lounge on wheels,” and Pop.Up, Airbus and Italdesign’s car-drone hybrid , but here are five others from the total of 118 that are just as impressive.
Hyundai’s FE Fuel Cell
Hyundai’s FE (short for Future Eco) Fuel Cell, slated for 2018, aims to be the future of SUVs. It will run on Hyundai’s improved hydrogen fuel cell technology and is a zero-emission vehicle, promising 30 percent greater energy density than the Tucson Fuel Cell. This futuristic-looking SUV is designed with a clean, flowing look that’s inspired by water, according to Hyundai . On the inside, it has internal air humidifiers that can recycle some of its water emissions within the cabin’s atmosphere. Plus, it has a trunk that can stow and charge an electric scooter.
Image credit: Hyundai Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e
This one’s a comeback concept. Initially unveiled by Bentley at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the EXP 12 Speed 6e is probably one of the fanciest EV concepts out there. That’s to be expected with British manufacturer Bentley, of course. This elegant two-seater has a better battery than its predecessor, cameras for side mirrors, and no roof — making it perfect for a grand touring experience.
Image credit: Bentley Lexus LS 500h
Here’s another luxurious-looking sedan. Though not an electric car, the 2018 Lexus LS 500h makes the case for a hybrid large sedan, which is cleaner but packs the same powertrain found in the 2018 LC 500h sports coupe . It can run on pure electric power for a considerable distance.
Image credit: Lexus Renault Zoe E-Sport
There’s the regular Zoe, and then there’s the E-Sport. Both are EVs from Renault, but the E-Sport is built to wow your racing genes. It has 460 bhp courtesy of its monstrous 450 kg battery , boosting this four-wheel drive EV’s performance. To keep its weight down to 1,400 kg (3,086 lb), the E-Sport has a carbonfiber body. This working concept is intended to maintain “Renault’s commitment to the ongoing development of electric vehicles.”
Image credit: Renault
Mercedes-AMG GT
The GT by Mercedes-AMG is another high-performance hybrid car concept. The renowned car manufacturer is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a concept car that has a Formula 1-derived 805-hp hybrid powertrain. “With the Mercedes-AMG GT concept, we are giving a preview of our third completely autonomously developed sports car,” Tobias Moers, chairman of Mercedes-AMG , said during the unveiling. “With our AMG GT concept, that means a combination of an ultramodern V8 petrol engine and a high-performance electric motor.”
Image credit: C.C. Weiss/New Atlas
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