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Ryan Dumps Trump in New Leaked Audio

The Daily Beast
155 d ago


On a previously unheard tape, House Speaker Paul Ryan is heard telling fellow Republicans that he would not defend the embattled presidential candidatethen, or ever.
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155 d ago
Paul Ryan in 2016: Not going to defend Trump
Breitbart released an audio tape of House Speaker Paul Ryan from October 2016 saying he will not defend then-candidate Donald Trump.
Business Insider
155 d ago
'I am not going to defend Donald Trump': Leaked audio captures Paul Ryan's October rebuke of Trump
A recording of House Speaker Paul Ryan's October rebuke of Donald Trump was published on Monday night
The audio captures Ryan at one of the most challenging times for the Republican Party during the 2016 presidential campaign — three days after leaked footage from 2005 showed then-candidate Trump boasting of displaying sexually aggressive behavior toward women.
In the October recording of Ryan posted by Breitbart on Monday, the House speaker is heard saying, "I am not going to defend Donald Trump — not now, not in the future."
Business Insider covered Ryan's remarks at the time , but this is the first time audio of the House speaker's words were made public. It is unclear why the audio was posted Monday, at a time when the House speaker and President Trump are busy touting the Republican Party's proposed replacement for Obamacare . The GOP's law known as the American Health Care Act is up against some hefty opposition among Republicans and Democrats.
Listen to the audio of Ryan's remarks: Youtube Embed:
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Height: 315px
Breitbart said it was unclear exactly how many House Republicans participated in the October call with Ryan, who made the recording, or whether those who were involved knew it was being recorded.
Ryan at the time appeared resigned to the possibility that Hillary Clinton might win the election as the fallout from the Access Hollywood tape spread far and wide. At one point, Ryan said he would spend his "entire energy" making sure a potential President Hillary Clinton would not get a "blank check" with congressional majorities.
Trump called out Ryan shortly after his comments went public in October:
Tweet Embed:
Paul Ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time on fighting Republican nominee
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155 d ago
Breitbart releases Paul Ryan audio on Trump
Breitbart released an audio tape of House Speaker Paul Ryan from October 2016 saying he will not defend then-candidate Donald Trump.
155 d ago
A site once run by Steve Bannon just leaked audio of Paul Ryan dumping Trump in October
Breitbart News fires a salvo at House Speaker Paul Ryan.
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Breitbart releases audio of Paul Ryan trashing Trump
Breitbart vs. Paul Ryan: Website publishes audio of Speaker trashing Trump
155 d ago
Panel: Breitbart audio was 'warning shot' to Ryan
The panel discusses newly-released 2016 audio or Speaker Paul Ryan trashing then-candidate Trump.
Fox News
155 d ago
Ryan: Leaked audio of Trump criticism 'ancient history'
House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., told Fox News' "The First 100 Days" Tuesday that leaked audio of him criticizing President Trump during last year's presidential campaign was "ancient history."
Business Insider
154 d ago
The reporter who got Trump's 2005 tax return openly questioned whether Trump could have leaked it himself
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
Speculation about who released some of President Donald Trump's 2005 federal tax return began swirling almost immediately after the documents were announced Tuesday night.
The documents were originally leaked anonymously to Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter David Cay Johnston. While discussing the pages with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Johnston suggested Trump himself could have leaked the documents to him.
Images of the 1040 forms were marked with a "Client Copy" stamp that suggested the documents may have been leaked by someone close to Trump, if not Trump himself.
The information contained within the tax documents also shed some light on Trump's finances. They suggest that Trump indeed paid some income tax; previously, the most notable information on the subject was an October report from The New York Times indicating that a copy of Trump's 1995 tax documents showed he may have avoided paying taxes for 18 years.
Johnston was not the only reporter who pondered the source of the leak.
"Think abt calculus of leaker if he/she is hostile to Trump," New York Times reporter Noam Scheiber tweeted . "Im going to leak tax return showing he paid... $38m in 05? What's that do for u?"
Johnston also gave some credence for the theory: "It's entirely possible" that Trump "sent this to me," he said on the show. Maddow even said on her program that the tax returns themselves weren't an important story; rather, she said, the fact they were leaked to a reporter was.
Tweet Embed:
Here's a photo of the Trump tax returns that @maddow just displayed.
There's a stamp that reads "Client Copy." pic.twitter.com/GxmHGQDmd0
The timing of the release was also called into question, as the Republican Party faces hefty opposition to its proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare law better known as Obamacare. The GOP's American Health Care Act took a big hit Monday after the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released estimates that the legislation would cause millions of Americans to lose health insurance.
Supporters of Trump rallied on Twitter, cheering Maddow's release of the information:
Tweet Embed:
Thank you Rachel Maddow for proving to your #Trump hating followers how successful @realDonaldTrump is & that he paid $40mm in taxes! #Taxes Tweet Embed:
BREAKING NEWS: 12 years ago @realDonaldTrump made a lot of money and paid a lot in taxes #scandal #thankyouMaddow Tweet Embed:
. @TomiLahren : It’s a rough night for all of those that have really dedicated the past 6 months of their lives to delegitimizing Pres. Trump. pic.twitter.com/thNpYf5pAO
NOW WATCH: Rachel Maddow just released portions of Trump's 2005 tax return — here's what it reveals
New York Times
154 d ago
Trump Wrote Off $100 Million in Losses in 2005, Leaked Forms Show
The MSNBC host Rachel Maddow disclosed information from President Trump’s 2005 tax return on Tuesday night.
154 d ago
WATCH: Trump's tax return leaked
A portion of President Trump's 2005 tax return has been released to the public.
Business Insider
154 d ago
Trump attacks MSNBC reporting of leaked tax returns
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
President Donald Trump attacked an MSNBC report on his tax returns Wednesday morning, expressing doubt that a reporter found the president's tax returns in his mailbox.
"Does anybody really believe that a reporter, who nobody ever heard of, 'went to his mailbox' and found my tax returns? @NBCNews FAKE NEWS!" Trump tweeted .
Trump did not seem to question the information itself, however, as the White House preemptively confirmed part of the president's 2005 tax return before a Tuesday-night report from MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.
David Cay Johnston, the reporter who obtained the tax information — and who Trump tweeted that "nobody ever heard of" — won a Pulitzer Prize in 2001 and wrote a biography of Trump, "The Making of Donald Trump," in 2016.
Johnston's publisher, Melville House, says on the website for his Trump biography that the book was "the culmination of nearly 30 years of reporting on Donald Trump" and that Johnston had "covered Trump more closely than any other journalist working today."
Johnston suggested on Maddow's show that Trump himself could have anonymously leaked the documents to him.
Images of the 1040 forms were marked with a "Client Copy" stamp that suggested the documents may have been leaked by someone close to Trump, if not Trump himself.
Maddow even said on her program that the tax information alone wasn't an important story; rather, she said, the fact it was leaked to a reporter was.
David Choi contributed reporting to this story.
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The New Yorker
154 d ago
Who Leaked Part of Donald Trump’s 2005 Federal Tax Return?
During last year’s election campaign, some tax experts and financial reporters suggested that Donald Trump may not have paid any federal income taxes since the nineteen-nineties. Trump’s dogged refusal to release any of his returns contributed to this speculation. So did his state tax returns from 1995, portions of which were sent to the Times. These showed that he had used aggressive accounting tactics, taking a loss that year of more than nine hundred million dollars. Experts suggested that Trump might have exploited this huge write-off in subsequent years, too, greatly reducing or eliminating his tax liabilities.
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