Hypegram : Wilderness Society, Ocean Conservancy say Trump's budget cuts would harm environment ARTICLE 83534446 Wilderness Society, Ocean Conservancy say Trump's budget cuts would harm environment english ARTICLE

Environmental groups claim budget proposal driven by "right-wing ideologues."

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Wilderness Society, Ocean Conservancy say Trump's budget cuts would harm environment

USA Today
458 d ago

usa us world

Environmental groups claim budget proposal driven by "right-wing ideologues."

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President Trump’s budget plan for fiscal 2018 increases defense spending while proposes deep cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency and foreign aid. Reuters reported, citing a congressional source.
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Trump budget seeks defense spending boost, major cuts in other agencies
President Trump on Thursday morning released a $1.15 trillion budget proposal that seeks a major increase in military and other security spending while slashing spending for a wide range of other agencies including the EPA and State Department.
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Director of OMB Mick Mulvaney describes President Trump's proposed budget, which cuts $3 billion from block grants used for programs like Meals on Wheels, as compassionate.
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NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday said the city would suffer huge cuts to a wide array of services and capital funding, jeopardizing everything from housing inspections and senior services to transit projects and counter-terrorism efforts, under President Donald Trump's proposed federal budget.
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Donald Trump’s Voldemort Budget
Strictly speaking, the “skinny budget” that the White House published on Thursday isn’t a budget at all. It says nothing about roughly three-quarters of over-all federal spending, which goes to mandatory outlays such as Social Security, Medicaid, and interest on the national debt. It doesn’t include any projections for the deficit. And a Presidential budget isn’t binding. Ultimately, Congress sets spending levels. As Paul Ryan, the House Speaker, said on Thursday morning, “this is just the very start” of the budget process.
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Trump's Revealing Budget
So much political drama over such a small part of the federal fisc.
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UN and dozens of its affiliated agencies are facing deep funding cuts.
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Seth Meyers: Trump's proposed budget cuts show just how 'dead inside' he is
"Late Night with Seth Meyers"/NBC; YouTube
Seth Meyers took a swipe at President Donald Trump for following up several recent setbacks with a highly controversial budget proposal on the most recent edition of "A Closer Look."
"This week, we've seen Donald Trump's latest travel ban blocked yet again by a judge, his health care bill start to fall apart , and his wiretapping claims debunked ," the host said on Thursday's episode of NBC's "Late Night." "And now on top of all that, he unveiled a drastic new budget plan that slashes anti-poverty programs."
Trump presented his budget proposal on Thursday, which quickly found opposition for its cuts in federal funding to the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Endowment for the Arts, public media such NPR and PBS, and social service programs,  including Meals on Wheels .
"Donald Trump, I understand you won. And because you won, you get to suggest cuts to the budget," Meyers said, before acknowledging that cuts to the EPA and NEA were to be expected.
"But Meals on Wheels?" he continued. "How dead inside do you have to be to not want old people to get food? Your heart is so small, it makes your tiny hands look like catcher mitts. Old people voted for you. Your key demographics were old people and older people. They believed you when you said you cared about them."
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Trump’s biggest budget cuts to NASA: ranked
Out of all the federal agencies that received budget plans from President Donald Trump yesterday, NASA fared pretty well . The space agency is only facing a 0.8 percent cut in its overall budget — a relatively mild change compared to the Environmental Protection Agency, which could see its funding slashed by 31 percent.
Packed within NASA’s small budget decrease are some pretty sizable cuts
But packed within NASA’s small budget decrease are some pretty sizable cuts. A few major upcoming missions are canceled, and NASA’s entire education program, which is responsible for outreach and grants, is eliminated. The budget request also proposes wasting technologies already in space.
Some of these cuts could have a positive impact on NASA, while...
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Celebrities react to Trump's proposed budget cuts for the arts
Hollywood stars took to social media to express what they felt about the proposed cuts made on Thursday.
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Republican budget experts say Trump budget dropped populism
The president's first budget fails to tackle debt but targets the vulnerable, critics say.
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