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Netflix's new rating system is here, and we give it a 'thumbs up'

138 d ago

vice president of product Todd Yellin has announced that the streaming service will replace its star rating system in April in favour of a thumbs up/thumbs down method.

“Five stars feels very yesterday now,” said Yellin in a media briefing today (), further explaining that the company is “spending many billions of dollars on the titles we’re producing and licensing, and with these big catalogs, that just adds a challenge”.

The streaming giant began beta testing the ‘thumbs’ system with subscribers around the world late last year and saw a 200% increase in user ratings, solidifying Netflix’s decision to replace the current star rating system. 

Furthermore, Netflix will also implement a new ‘percent matching’ system which will provide users with a personalised percentage rating under each title. It’s said this information will give viewers an idea of how likely they are to enjoy certain and .

“What’s more powerful: you telling me you would give five stars to the documentary about unrest in the Ukraine; that you’d give three stars to the latest Adam Sandler movie; or that you’d watch the Adam Sandler movie 10 times more frequently?” said Yellin, further adding that “What you do versus what you say you like are different things.”

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