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Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey was found with help from the FBI

SB Nation
127 d ago


Clearly there weren’t any other pressing issues at hand.

It appears that the national nightmare is over, as our top law enforcement minds have found Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey:

Previously, the jersey Brady used to valiantly vanquish the Atlanta Falcons was lost. You can see the moment after the game when Brady realizes it’s gone:

You would think that with everything going on in the United States, the FBI would be pretty tied up these days. Who’s got time for trivial matters when there is an ongoing Russian hacking investigation, among many other things? Apparently, the organization does have enough bandwidth to look for a football jersey. But not just any jersey: jersey. It appears, per a league statement, that this thing got international and the big guns were needed:

Not only was Brady’s 2017 Super Bowl jersey recovered, but it looks like his 2015 one was too.

The FBI isn’t the first super important law enforcement agency to be involved in this thing either. The Texas Rangers . The threads and Patriots owner Robert Kraft went a little overboard :

Now it appears that all is well, and Brady can have his sweaty grass-stained overblown T-shirt back for all time.

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