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Apple Gets Permit to Test Self-Driving Cars in California

New York Times
186 d ago

driverless and semiautonomous vehicles apple inc california automobiles tech

The permit is the clearest signal yet that the company wants to enter an intensely competitive sector by designing or building autonomous vehicle technology.
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 Cameras help autonomous vehicles read street signs and the color of traffic lights. But LiDARs, aka light detection and ranging systems, do the important work of sensing and helping cars avoid obstacles, whether that’s a fallen tree, drunk driver, or a child running out into the road. Now, a startup called Luminar Technologies Inc., is unveiling a high-resolution LiDAR sensor that was… Read More
Venture Beat
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4 things the voicebot in this self-driving car movie gets right
Toyota released a movie that shows what the future will be like for self-driving cars. Let’s get one thing out of the way first: There’s no way anyone will ever dress like that. And the car looks a bit too much like it’s from a sci-fi movie. However, I did pay attention to the voicebot they used and how it provides some contextual awareness for the driver. It’s a good peek into where these bots might be heading in the future, even if the car itself is a little too “out there” for me.
1. Conversation that seems real
I was blown away by one thing in the ad, and it wasn’t when the car swerved suddenly to avoid some rocks. The bot talked like an everyday person. That’s coming soon. Years ago, bots would use a robotic voice, something like the voice that could read documents on a Mac. With Alexa and Google Home’s voicebot (called the Google Assistant), the speech patterns sound normal, but the conversation is a bit stilted at times. Alexa still sounds like a bot. In the ad, the voice sounds like a friend sitting next to you, which will help create a free-flowing dialogue.
2. The bot can see you
In one short segment, the driver leans forward too much — he’s obviously supposed to be a dufus — and speaks to the bot. “Noah … you can lean back in your seat,” the bot responds. That’s exactly what is missing from many of the bots today, including Amazon Alexa. Soon, bots will not only see our face but will be able to look around the room. They’ll identify other people, notice what we’re eating, and recognize how much light is in the room, and respond in kind.
3. Contextual awareness in spades
In another segment of the full ad, the bot can tell the driver has “big hair” and makes a joke about finding a booth for his date big enough for his hairstyle. I don’t see AI getting anywhere close to that level of understanding soon, but get there. An AI could follow your Facebook posts and know you’re going on a date. It would see you looked up directions to a fast food place and suggest a more elegant dining establishment. It could sense, mostly by watching your head movements and facial expressions, that you’re nervous and make a joke to calm you down.
4. An element of surprise
Friends don’t always divulge every ounce of information. They say things like, “Let’s go eat at my favorite pizza place,” but don’t mention the name. When you arrive, you find out you both like the same place. That deepens the friendship because it is not always about factual information exchange. There’s some spontaneity, some empathy. In the ad, the bot picks a place to eat but doesn’t say what it is. I liked that because it shows the bot “knows” the driver. As the self-driving car navigates the terrain, you slowly realize where you’re headed. Maybe that could turn into a nightmare, especially if you don’t like the pizza place, but it’s a cool concept.
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GM to add 1,100 jobs in California over five years at self-driving unit
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - General Motors Co said on Thursday it will add more than 1,100 jobs in California over five years at its Cruise Automation unit to boost its self-driving efforts after receiving $8 million in state tax credits.
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GM to Build Facility for Self-Driving Cars, Add Employees
General Motors Co. will build a development facility in San Francisco and eventually add 1,100 employees there to work on autonomous vehicles, a major expansion of GM’s Silicon Valley presence as it vies with other auto makers to lead the race for self-driving cars.
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The Future of Self-Driving Cars in America's Heartland
If Wisconsinites can agree with Silicon Valley on self-driving cars, can't everyone else?
Business Insider
186 d ago
Apple has an official permit to test self-driving cars in California, DMV confirms (AAPL)
Apple has received a permit to test autonomous cars in California, the first official confirmation that the maker of the iPhone sees the century-old automobile as a product that's ripe for reinvention and a reflection of its need to find new markets to sustain its growth. 
The California DMV updated its website on Friday, adding Apple's name to 29 other companies testing self-driving vehicles in the state, including Tesla and Google.
The permit is confirmation that Apple has been quietly working on self-driving car technology, something that the company has not previously discussed in public or confirmed beyond an advisory letter to the NHTSA in December
The DMV says that any manufacturer of autonomous technologies must apply to the California DMV before it can test a vehicle in autonomous mode on public roads.
"Today, April 14, 2017, California Department of Motor Vehicles issued Apple Inc. an autonomous vehicle test permit. The permit covers three vehicles, all 2015 Lexus RX450h, and six drivers," a DMV spokeswoman told Business Insider. 
Apple declined to comment about whether Apple is currently testing autonomous vehicles on public roads and pointed to a previous statement that it is "investing heavily in machine learning and autonomous systems."
LexusSilicon Valley and Detroit are engaged in a high-stakes race to develop self-driving cars, with companies like Google, Uber, Ford, Tesla and GM all working on autonomous vehicle technology. Prototype cars, with clunky radars, sensors and cameras rigged on the roofs and the sides, are a common sight on the streets of San Francisco.
And although there are still numerous technological, as well as political and regulatory obstacles to clear before self-driving cars become a widespread product for the masses, analysts believe the market will be worth tens of billions of dollars in the coming years. 
Apple's work in the automotive world is an open secret, but the company has never officially confirmed the existence of a project before Friday. 
"It's going to be Christmas Eve for a while," Apple CEO Tim Cook once  said  in response to a question about the project.
Apple has what appears to be a mostly separate organization of 1000 employees working on what it calls "Project Titan" in Sunnyvale, California and other satellite offices. Apple has also been linked to a private course in California where secretive companies test self-driving cars. 
Last year, the project hit some snags, though, and Apple was forced to bring on Bob Mansfield, a respected engineer, to cut back the scope of the project and set new goals, according to reporting from Bloomberg . Apple is believed be be primarily working on autonomous software, instead of a full car, but the project is still shrouded in secrecy. 
Apple is expected to assess the progress it has made on self-driving cars at the end of this year,  according to Bloomberg
Have you seen one of Apple's self-driving cars on the road or know anything about Apple's automotive project? Email the author at
The Verge
186 d ago
Apple just received a permit to test self-driving cars in California
A new name just showed up on California’s growing list of companies allowed to test autonomous vehicles in the state: Apple.
Apple is testing autonomous vehicles in California
— kif leswing (@kifleswing) April 14, 2017
To date, the tech giant has been infuriatingly secretive about it’s efforts to build a self-driving car, code named Project Titan. Apple has been working on Project Titan for several years, but has never formally acknowledged it. Lately, the autonomous car project seems to be in flux. Recent reporting suggests that the company is no longer attempting to build its own autonomous, electric car to compete with companies like Tesla, but is instead focused on developing...
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Venture Beat
186 d ago
Apple gets DMV permission to test autonomous cars in California
Apple is now permitted to test self-driving cars in California, the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles site revealed today.
The DMV’s autonomous vehicle tester program includes a total of 30 companies, among them Tesla, Google, Uber, Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes — and now, Apple.
While Apple has never formally announced plans to release a self-driving car, the company’s efforts have attracted major attention — as unreleased Apple products often do.
The newly public permit allows Apple to test autonomous cars on public California roads, but requires the company to report accidents within 10 business days. The program also requires Apple to send in yearly reports documenting self-driving technology failures, including how often human drivers take over for the autonomous technology (the state calls this a “disengagement”).
As Apple-made autonomous cars hit the streets, these rules should force Apple’s successes and failures out into the open, a significant change for the notoriously secretive company.
186 d ago
Apple gets permit to test autonomous cars in California
 It’s no secret, Apple has been working hard on a self-driving car. Today, the California DMV has released an updated list of companies allowed to test autonomous vehicles on the roads of California. The last name on the long list is Apple. Read More
186 d ago
Apple’s self-driving car project now has a permit in California
The Apple Car is alive — whatever it is.
Apple has received a permit to test self-driving cars in California, according to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles website . It joins other tech companies, such as Google, Uber, Baidu and Nvidia — plus the usual carmakers, including Tesla — on the list.
This suggests Apple’s ambitions in the auto industry are alive, despite some reported upheaval in the project , code-named “Project Titan.”
Reports last year centered on changing leadership and shifting focus within the project , which is under the command of veteran Apple executive Bob Mansfield.
Still, as Apple looks for its next major growth driver after the iPhone — and as cars increasingly become computers — it’s easy to see why the company would be interested.
Apple, famously secretive about future products, hasn’t formally announced any plans to design or build a car or a self-driving software system. (Its permit covers three Lexus RX450h automobiles from 2015, and six drivers, according to the FT .)
But it has hinted at its interest for some time. “The car is the ultimate mobile device,” Apple Senior Vice President Jeff Williams said at our Code Conference in 2015.
Apple also wrote a letter to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last November, commenting on its proposed automated-vehicles policy, saying it’s “excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation” and that “new entrants should be treated equally” for testing on public roads.
186 d ago
Apple receives permit in California to test self-driving cars: DMV
(Reuters) - Apple Inc has secured a permit to test autonomous vehicles in California, fuelling speculation that it is working on self-driving car technology in a crowded arena of companies hoping to offer those cars to the masses.
Fox News
186 d ago
Apple granted autonomous car testing permit in California
Apple is still in the car business.
186 d ago
Apple got a permit to test self-driving cars in California
There had long been rumors that the tech giant had been working on autonomous vehicles, The Verge reports.
186 d ago
Apple is definitely testing self-driving cars, California DMV confirms
The rumor mill has spun for years that Apple is developing a car, or at least advanced tech for vehicles, and today we have hard evidence the tech giant is hitting the road with its very own ride. And we're not talking a run-of-the-mill sedan here: Apple is testing self-driving cars.
According to an updated page on the typically dry California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website, the agency has issued an Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit to Apple, allowing it to conduct self-driving car tests in the state. 
The iPhone 7 maker is the newest entrant as of April 14, joining the likes of Nvidia, Faraday Future, Ford, Honda, BMW, Nissan, Tesla, Google and Mercedes Benz with self-driving permit in hand.
As with every other company that's testing autonomous vehicles in California, Apple must submit a report on traffic accidents involving its cars within 10 business days. Apple also needs to turn in an annual report on disengagements, or every time a human driver takes over for the self-driving system.
Apple on the road
Best known for the iconic iPhone, which turns 10 this year, Mac computers and the Apple Watch , vehicles are a whole new product category for Apple, and one it's taken its sweet time to develop. 
That's Apple's modus operandi with nearly every device, including rumored work in virtual reality , but it seems now Apple is ready to take its show on the road, and make its cars a reality.
It's no surprise Apple would include self-driving features in its vehicles considering the market's trend towards autonomy, with a growing number of car makers adding driverless tech following Tesla and Google's lead. 
Apple's mystery mini van, equipped with self-driving tech apparatus
Though signs here and there over the years have indicated Apple has four-wheelers on the brain, we started seeing mystery vans equipped with LIDAR and other tech indicative of self-driving systems last year. One van was spotted cruising near Apple offices in Sunnyvale, California. 
Those vans, it turned out, were working on Apple Maps, but it's possible they were also testing systems that would one day make it into a self-driving car.
With its freshly minted permit, we could soon see patented Apple self-driving cars on California roads. We'll keep our eyes out (and let us know if you see one!), though don't expect to be able to buy your own iCar for a few more years. 
Up next for Apple is the iPhone 8
186 d ago
Apple receives autonomous-car testing permit in California - Roadshow
Oh, great -- more fuel for the "Apple Car" fire.
The Next Web
186 d ago
Apple secures permit to test the self-driving car it’s not building

Apple today received a permit to test a self-driving car on California highways. This, in case you’re wondering, is the self-driving car reports suggested Apple was scrapping. Apple is testing autonomous vehicles in California — kif leswing (@kifleswing) April 14, 2017 ‘Project Titan,’ as Apple called its autonomous car program, had an ambitious plan to compete with the likes of Google, Tesla and others as Silicon Valley tech companies sought to disrupt the auto industry. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple’s Project Titan team (then 1,000-plus employees) saw significant shrinkage in 2016 as employees were reassigned to other projects, let…
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The Wall Street Journal
186 d ago
Apple Gets Permit to Test Autonomous Vehicles in California
Apple secured a permit for autonomous-vehicle testing in California, the clearest sign to date of progress in the company’s efforts to develop self-driving car technology.
186 d ago
We finally have proof Apple is working on a self-driving car
Looks like Apple's finally stepping on the gas. We've now got confirmation that Apple's gearing up to make a big move in the auto industry.
Cupertino's been granted a permit to test self-driving cars in California, according to DMV records. The permit, first reported by Business Insider, follows months of rumors about Apple's efforts to build a car.
SEE ALSO: Drone footage gives you a breathtaking glimpse of Apple campus
Apple's exact plans in the space aren't yet clear, but as of Friday, April 14th, Apple's holding a permit to test three self-driving Lexus RX540h SUVs, according to the California DMV. The state requires carmakers and others to apply for permits before they can test self driving vehicles on state roads—remember Uber's squabble with the DMV over permits late last year? Read more...
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Daily Mail
186 d ago
Apple gets permit in California to test self-driving cars
Apple Inc has secured a permit to test autonomous vehicles in California. The tech giant joins a growing list of carmakers and firms that are already testing cars on The Golden State's roads.
186 d ago
AutoComplete: Apple receives a permit to test self-driving cars in California video - Roadshow
Plus: Tesla teases some trucks, and Audi unveils a new privateer racecar.
Ars Technica
186 d ago
Is Apple self-driving car software coming? DMV permit suggests so
Apple wants to get on those California roads. (credit: nrg_crisis (off and on) )
On Friday, California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) updated its website to reflect that Apple now has a permit to test self-driving cars on public roads.
Apple has been hiring automotive experts—particularly those with experience in autonomous driving—for years. (In 2015, Tesla CEO Elon Musk even taunted Apple by saying, “If you don’t make it at Tesla, you go work at Apple.”) But Apple has long kept quiet about its aspirations. That began to change in December, when the company wrote a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration saying that it was “investing heavily” in machine learning to support autonomous systems, especially in transportation.
The update on the California DMV website confirms that after years of speculation, Apple is serious about building self-driving car software.
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186 d ago
Apple receives permit to test self-driving cars
Apple is the latest of 30 companies to be given a permit from the state.
The Guardian
186 d ago
Meet the iCar? Apple to test self-driving vehicles in California
The iPhone maker has been awarded a permit to test autonomous cars, moving into a highly competitive space that includes Google, Tesla and Ford
Apple is joining the fiercely competitive race to design self-driving cars, raising the possibility that a company that has already reshaped culture with its iPhone may try to transform transportation, too.
Ending years of speculation , Apple’s late entry into a crowded field was made official Friday with the disclosure that the California department of motor vehicles had awarded a permit for the company to start testing its self-driving car technology on public roads in the state.
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Fox News
186 d ago
The iPhone of cars? Apple enters self-driving car race
Apple will be vying against 29 other companies that already have California permits to test self-driving cars. The list includes major automakers, including Ford, General Motors, BMW, Volkswagen and Tesla, as well as one of its biggest rivals in technology, Google, whose testing of self-driving cars has been spun off into an affiliate called Waymo.
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