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Thousands march across the country demanding Trump release his tax returns

Business Insider
126 d ago

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On April 15, thousands of people in 48 states participated in Tax Marches, nationwide demonstrations that called on President Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

The marches — organized by a coalition of 70 progressive groups — took place three days before the deadline to file taxes in the US (April 18). Trump has so far declined to release any of his tax returns, claiming that they are under audit by the IRS.

 since the early 1970s have released at least one year’s-worth of tax returns, but Trump is not legally required to do so. 

The Tax March is expected to be one of nationwide demonstrations since January’s Women’s March. From Washington, DC to San Francisco, there are predicted to be over 150 Tax Marches across the US.

Check out photos of the protests below.




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