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Marvel reveals the full track list for the 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' soundtrack

122 d ago

james gunn guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 marvel studios music movies

fans, rejoice: Meredith Quill has made us another mixtape.

Marvel Studios has unveiled the track list for – i.e., the soundtrack. And just like , it's full of catchy classics that'll get you dancing, Groot-style, in your living room.

Or on the subway on your way to work. Or in your car while you go to work. Or on your spaceship, en route to saving the galaxy. We don't know your life.  

Star-Lord's '70s tunes have become as much a signature of the franchise as the cheeky dialogue, the colorful visuals, the planet-hopping storylines, or even the Guardians themselves. 

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