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Grab your koopa shells, Nintendo is reportedly releasing a mini SNES

122 d ago

nes classic edition nintendo super nintendo entertainment gaming

Nintendo knows how much you love obsessing over objects of your youth and that you will drive yourself crazy trying to find them.

It sent us all into a tizzy last Christmas by bringing back the legendary NES, the retro system featuring 30 games from the original Nintendo Entertainment System say that the gaming giant will again send us into a frenzy this holiday season with the logical follow-up, the SNES.

According to Eurogamer, the system is already under production and Nintendo is aiming to launch in time for the 2017 holidays so we can all be disappointed by empty shelves and exorbitant prices on eBay.  

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122 d ago
Nintendo Will Reportedly Release SNES Classic This Year
Nintendo discontinued the NES Classic Edition because it will release the much-requested SNES Classic Edition this year, according to a new report.
Eurogamer - whose sources correctly leaked information about Nintendo's Switch console prior to its reveal - claims that the SNES Classic Edition (or SNES Mini in Europe) will be released in time for Christmas, and that development is underway.
There's no information on what games the microconsole could include, nor whether it aims to correct some of the problems with NES Classic Edition, such as its unit shortages , and its absurdly short controller cable .
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122 d ago
Nintendo might follow up the mini NES with a mini SNES

Nintendo might not be entirely done feeding into the nostalgia of its loyal customers after all. The legendary gamemaker is purportedly planning to follow up its smash-hit mini NES console with a tiny reincarnation of the classic SNES, Eurogamer reports. Citing industry insiders, the publication suggests the re-launch is expected to take place in time for Christmas, with development already underway. The SNES resurrection could also be the reason why last week Nintendo opted to discontinue its NES miniconsole worldwide, despite its stunning popularity. The Japanese company later clarified the mini-NES was always envisioned as a Christmas novelty item for old-school gaming…
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122 d ago
Nintendo may launch Super Nintendo mini for Christmas, reports say
After the success of its Nintendo Classic Edition, Nintendo may unveil a follow up to it, this time focused around Super Nintendo.
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Nintendo Might Be Preparing a Mini SNES For the Holiday Season
Last week, Nintendo dealt a crushing blow to retro gaming fans when it announced that it was discontinuing the uber-popular NES Classic Edition. We’re still not sure what Nintendo was thinking—most companies do not choose to discontinue products that get such great reviews and sell out immediately and consistently…
Ars Technica
122 d ago
What we want in an “SNES Mini”
Enlarge / The actual SNES Mini probably won't be this small or have a cartridge slot. But we can dream... (credit: DannyChoo.com )
Eurogamer's report this morning that Nintendo is working on an "SNES Mini" plug-and-play console in the style of the NES Classic Edition (according to "sources close to the company") isn't too surprising. The original NES Mini was an unexpectedly large success that should logically inspire Nintendo to mine more of its classic hardware for more easy profits.
On the other hand, Nintendo recently discontinued the NES Classic Edition despite evidence of continuing huge demand that hasn't been satisfied by the paltry supply Nintendo rolled out to stores. Eurogamer goes so far as to say the SNES Mini's impending release is part of the reason the NES Classic Edition was discontinued, suggesting that the company thinks only one retro console can exist on the market at a time, for some reason.
In all likelihood, the SNES Mini will likely be nearly identical to the miniature NES that came before it. If we had Nintendo's ear, though, here's what we'd recommend to help it build the retro console of our dreams:
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121 d ago
Mini SNES reportedly in development at Nintendo video - CNET
Nothing's official, but sources suggest we may see a miniaturized Super Nintendo Entertainment System by late 2017.
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Nintendo set to launch a SNES mini console
Game lovers rejoice, Nintendo is set to release a SNES mini around Christmas. The system is said to have better software and offer more games than its predecessor NES mini.
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Nintendo is reportedly releasing a mini version of the iconic SNES in time for the holidays
The SNES had a number of popular games including "Super Mario World" and "Donkey Kong Country".
USA Today
121 d ago
Please let this Nintendo SNES mini rumor be true
If you're lucky, you won't have to blow into an SNES cartridge ever again.
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