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Tom Brady has to fight off the Madden curse, in addition to Father Time

SB Nation
74 d ago


Rob Gronkowski struggled through injuries in 2016 after appearing on . Now it’s Tom Brady’s time to face the curse.

Tom Brady plans to play for six or seven more years, , but another hurdle was put in the quarterback’s path Friday morning with

“I'm not one to believe in curses, so I'm ready to take the challenge head on like always!” Tom Brady said in a release. “It doesn't stand a chance!!!”

The curse that Brady is referring to is the legendary curse — a streak of misfortune that struck players who were on the cover of the video game franchise. At one point, after appearing on the cover.

But it went dormant for a while. Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson set the record for receiving yards after appearing on , and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was a first-team All-Pro after earning a spot on .

Patriots fans may be a little sensitive to the curse, though. Rob Gronkowski was on the cover a year ago and he struggled through injuries in 2016, eventually landing on injured reserve due to a back injury that required surgery to repair. New England went on to win Super Bowl 51, but the tight end watched from the sideline.

Losing Brady would be a much bigger deal.

The quarterback turns 40 in August. That puts him on the fast track for a career decline. Most passers’ time in the NFL ended before that age, and only Brett Favre, Warren Moon, and Vinny Testaverde started at least eight games after reaching their 40s.

Brady insists his time in the NFL isn’t coming to an end too soon, and he’ll now have to traverse the curse to keep that promise.

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