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Live now: Google I/O 2017 keynote updates

68 d ago


Are we another step closer to sentient computers?

Google’s 2017 is happening now, where Google CEO Sundar Pichai is introducing new products and sharing more information about the company’s “AI first” future. Here’s a running list of what happened that matters.

Google announced a “Lens” feature for its Assistant service that will tell you information about what’s in front of your phone camera: What type of flower you’re looking at, info about the restaurant across the street, etc. This combines a bunch of tech buzzwords — AI, AR, machine learning, computer vision — into one feature, and highlights how Google’s massive collection of data about the world can be used together. It's also another example of how Google is trying to get ahead of the latest preference for photos versus text.

There are now 2 billion active Android devices, 500 million active Google Photos users, and 1.2 billion videos and photos uploaded to Google Photos every day.

Gmail on Android and iOS is getting an automated-response feature called Smart Reply, which lets you choose up to three responses that are based on the received email. You can add more to a response after selecting it if you want, or can just send the automated response as-is.

Google Assistant is rolling out to the iPhone — though it won’t (and can’t) replace Siri as the default assistant — and will be available in more languages like French and German.

“Hey Google, call mom.” Dial out with your personal number when it detects your voice. No setup required, according to today’s presentation. (Amazon launched calls for Alexa this week, too.) It’s the new landline phone.

Google’s photo service, which the company says has 500 million users, can now suggest what photos you should share — and with whom — with a feature called suggested share. It can also automatically share photos with an option called shared libraries. The big idea: Most photos just sit there on your phone. It’s better for you and your friends (and for Google!) if you share more of them.

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