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Hypegram.com is a bot that analyses online news websites with deep learning algorithms to help you discover hotnews, breakingnews and the latest up to the minute news stories updates.

Hypegram.com is an artificial intelligence bot that groups news together to detect newsworthy subjects from a wide range of news sources.

Join in the conversation today! find out what's happening worldwide summarised using one of the smartest algorithms in content curation through language processing.

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Hypegram groups similar articles detecting events and stories,
ranks them based on hype*
then serves them to each user by profile and interactions

Featuring articles from Daily MailMashableGawker MediaTechCrunchThe VergeCNET NewsNew York TimesWIREDRe/codeTechRadar,  and much more..

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Browsing Experience

We provide 2 unique and distinctively appealing methods of content discovery

Based on our clustering algorithms we provide story clusters based on what's being mentioned in publishers today or this week, each cluster contains all articles related to the subject subdivided by publisher and publishing date.

A Diverse mix of articles based on your profile guaranteed to capture your interest along with a selection of articles based on what articles and categories you've pinned or even just clicked on.

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Easy Setup

It takes less than a minute to create your own feed

Create an account by logging in through , or or by signing up with your email

We'll ask you to rank a set of handpicked topics to help our AI get to know you better, and we'll take it from there.

Our algorithm will understand which sections you put in front of others, and which combinations of sections you like, and it will fill in the gaps to link you to our growing map of categories.
You will be able to navigate through the platform instantly after setup.

Our Process...
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Our Process

Hypegram's A.I. bot continues to learn everyday to better serve you, analysing and detecting news as it happens

Our proprietary set of algorithms allows us to detect stories, events and trends within the continuous flow of articles.
Every article is ranked and categorised on several levels to provide every user an intelligent curated mix of articles every time.

It's an organic, heuristic, fluid, real-time curator that keeps suprising us.

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