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Hypegram.com is a bot that analyses online news websites with deep learning algorithms to help you discover hotnews, breakingnews and the latest up to the minute news stories updates.

Hypegram.com is an artificial intelligence bot that groups news together to detect newsworthy subjects from a wide range of news sources.

Join in the conversation today! find out what's happening worldwide summarised using one of the smartest algorithms in content curation through language processing.

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Privacy Policy

We may collect the following types of information:

Information you provide when you sign up for Hypegram, like your name, email and other personal information. This may be entered directly, or submitted through a third party account you use to login (i.e. your Facebook, Twitter or Google account).


we use cookies to keep you logged into Hypegram when you use our web services.

Log information

When you access Hypegram through a browser or via one of our applications, we may automatically log the browser version, browser language, Internet Protocol address, date and time of your request, and what type of device you are using, this information is used to analyse behavior flow and to provide internally used usage statistics.

User communications

When you send us email or other communications, we may keep your communications on file in order to respond to you and improve our products per your feedback.


Hypegram takes reasonable precautions to protect user data, including appropriate cryptographic procedures, including hashing password data and encrypting sensitive data during transmission. Your data's security remains in our systems.

International Transmission

Due to the distributed nature of Hypegram's technology, some or all of your data may be stored outside of your state or country. This is done to make sure that your data is optimally accessible from any location, and to optimise system architecture.

Questions & concerns

We are committed to maintaining your privacy and providing our service in a useful, comfortable and secure manner. If you have any questions & concerns about our privacy policy, or any other matter, contact us at contact@hypegram.com
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