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SB Nation
407 d ago
Here’s a photo of the Colorado Rockies lined up in an extremely specific way for Pi Day
The Rockies admit it’s a Photoshop, but it’s still cool.
Pi Day is March 14. That was Tuesday. Pi is that wonderful mathematic constant that helped all of us figure out the size of circles when we were in grade school. In decimal form, it starts:
3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279
Coincidentally, here are the Colorado Rockies , lined up along the first base line before a spring training game on Tuesday afternoon:
What are the chances!? #PiDay pic.twitter.com/xJJz8tsAn3
— Colorado Rockies (@Rockies) March 14, 2017
This image, as we’d suspected it might be after some prodding on Twitter and in the comments, is not real. It’s just extremely clever.
@sashajol @mashable Of course. (It's Photoshopped. )
— Colorado Rockies (@Rockies) March 14, 2017
But I’m not above giving some credit where it’s due. This is a good and cool image.
The Rockies social media team was thorough, jotting out the first 20 decimal points of π on the backs of players’ jerseys. I thought this was real, I’ll acknowledge, even as I poked around for proof that it might be fake.
It’s a Photoshop, but it’s a good one. Math and baseball are both good.
407 d ago
Pi Day: A number of things to know
Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 to honor the famed irrational number. Celebrate the day with these interesting facts about pi and Pi Day.
fox news
food trends
Fox News
407 d ago
Celebrate National Pi Day with pizza and pie
Got a hankering for something round and delicious?
407 d ago
The best ways to Celebrate Pi Day 2017
It’s that time of year again: Pi Day!
Image by Flickr/kok_sexton
Pi enthusiasts around the world wait each year for March 14 to celebrate the mathematical constant π that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Check out our tried and true tips for celebrating Pi Day, and be sure to check out our past year’s coverage for even more ideas.
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pi day
407 d ago
Happy Pi Day, Now Watch This
It's that time again. How are you celebrating? Eating a baked disc of sugar? Reciting digits like a fleshy version of Siri? Maybe if you're snowed in like us New York Motherboarders, you can fire up the intertubes and re-watch Darren Aronofsky's cult classic.
Pi, for those who missed it the first time in 1998, was a little independent film by the man who would later go on to give us Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan, The Fountain (underrated), and Russell Crowe as Noah. It buzzed around the festival circuit and won some awards , and may still be Aronofsky's best film.
I remember my first viewing being like a drill straight to the skull, captivated by the film's portrayal of an obsessive-compulsive mathematician's mental unspooling; the Kabbalah and numerology; the grainy black and white cinematography; the jarring, hyperactive selfies (long before that word was even coined).
Watching again today, in a time when data is being blamed for upending the world order and yet is somehow not enough to convince many of us that we're boiling our planet , Pi seems at once both quaint and ahead of its time. It's the fever dream of someone who almost saw 2017 coming, and was rightfully afraid of its arrival. I saw it on VHS, but you can rent it for streaming now on YouTube and Amazon .
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whats cooking
open thread
Gawker Media
408 d ago
What's Cooking? How Do You Celebrate Pi Day?
Hello, and welcome to What’s Cooking?, the weekly open thread where you get to share all of your brilliant thoughts, advice, recipes, and opinions on all things edible. I’ll be giving you topics to discuss among yourselves, but don’t feel beholden to them; this is your space to chat about food with like-minded…
The Guardian
408 d ago
Did you solve it? Pi Day puzzles that will leave you pie-eyed
The solutions to today’s gyral and viral puzzles
Earlier today I set you two puzzles as a pre-party for Pi Day .
1) Pictured below are three identical boxes packed with pies. You can assume that all pies are exactly the same height. Which box contains the most pie?
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408 d ago
How to celebrate Pi Day
Wait, you're just going to celebrate Pi Day by eating PIE? Boring! If you really want to profess your constant and irrational love for everyone's favorite ratio, you should just sit and stare at it! Consider its beauty! Fondly peruse its digits until they all run together in a big, transcendental blob. That's what real pi fans do.
The Guardian
409 d ago
Can you solve it? Pi Day puzzles that will leave you pie-eyed
Two teasers – one gyral and one viral – to usher in the annual celebration of maths
UPDATE: You can read the solutions and poll results here .
Hi guzzlers.
Tomorrow is Pi Day – March 14 – the annual excuse for the mathematical community to circulate puns about buns. I mean to honour pi, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, which to two decimal places is 3.14, hence 3/14, as the Americans write tomorrow’s date.
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dot physics
science blogs
pi day
raspberry pi
409 d ago
Let’s Calculate Pi on a Raspberry Pi to Celebrate Pi Day
Looking for something fun to do on Pi Day? Here. Try an interactive pi calculation using the Raspberry Pi. The post Let's Calculate Pi on a Raspberry Pi to Celebrate Pi Day appeared first on WIRED .
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