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The Next Web
342 d ago
Nintendo is reportedly doubling Switch production all the way up to 16 million for 2017

Good news if you are having trouble locating a Nintendo Switch at a reasonable price (which is basically every gamer who didn’t pre-order): Nintendo is planning on doubling production of the console for the year, according to report by the Wall Street Journal. The report suggests Nintendo is ramping up production from an initial 8 million, all the way up to 16 million. That means the Switch will almost certainly out-sell the Wii U, which only sold about 13.5 million units over the course of four years. Meanwhile, the immensely successful original Wii sold 17 million units in the first…
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the legend of zelda: breath of the wild
Venture Beat
343 d ago
Nintendo stock price surges as company doubles Switch production
Nintendo Switch sold faster in its first two days than the company’s last red-hot hit, the Wii , and while that is not necessarily an indicator for long-term success, the publisher is treating it that way.
The price of Nintendo shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange jumped 425 yen, or 1.69 percent, to 25,580 yen on Friday from its Thursday close of 24,860 yen. While the Switch had a strong launch, investors are now reacting to the news that Nintendo plans to manufacture 16 million Switch systems in the fiscal year beginning April 1, which is double its previous forecast. The company confirmed that it will have at least 2 million Switch systems in the global retail channel before the end of its current fiscal year on March 31. If Nintendo ends up selling in all of those consoles, it will mean that the Switch really is on a similar trajectory to the Wii. Despite Nintendo’s confidence, that is still a big “if.”
This latest share-price jump finally puts the company’s value back above where it was before the January 13 Switch media presentation, which led to a slide in value as investors corrected their assessment of Nintendo’s worth built into the stock before getting all of the details on the console. Nintendo’s stock price saw similar spikes when it launched the popular Fire Emblem: Heroes mobile game February 2 and then when it debuted the Nintendo Switch on March 3. Each of those price surges came after market corrections, which suggests that Fire Emblem: Heroes and the Switch are continuing to meet and then exceed market expectations.
“Nintendo has seen strong demand for the Switch at launch with record-breaking sales for the company in both the U.S. and Europe,” Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad told GamesBeat. “This has given Nintendo the confidence to increase production of Switch for the upcoming fiscal year. If Nintendo is able to produce and sell the amount claimed then this would be a complete turnaround from the Wii and would position the Switch as a serious competitor to PS4 and put annual sales of the console on a similar trajectory to the Wii.”
The Switch is entering a market — at least in the United States — that Sony and Microsoft have saturated with their consoles since 2013. Sales numbers of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have fallen even as prices for that hardware continue to drop. The hardcore-gaming market was hungry for those systems and wasted no time jumping onboard, but casual gamers are potentially still feeling priced out or ignoring the latest systems altogether in favor of gaming on smartphones.
With the Switch and critically lauded launch game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ( read our review ), Nintendo is hitting the same hardcore audience that has already purchased more than 53 million PS4s worldwide and around half of that for Xbox One. Only Nintendo is hitting that audience with a system that is different enough that consumers are potentially deciding it is worth purchasing alongside their PS4s and Xbox Ones. That is different than the disastrous Wii U, its most recent console. Wii U sales barely surpassed 13 million globally since 2012, which suggests that many Nintendo could never make the case on why consumers should spend the money on that platform.
“The record breaking launch [of the Switch], the strong attach rate of Zelda, and the forecasted increase in production is exactly what investors have been looking to hear,” said Ahmad. “It suggests that Nintendo is seeing strong demand for Switch, not just from Wii U owners, and that it is confident in the software lineup for the rest of the year.”
343 d ago
GS News Update: Nintendo Switch Production Reportedly Doubled
More Switch units on the way.
opposable thumbs
Ars Technica
343 d ago
Report: Nintendo plans to double Switch production for coming year
Enlarge / Nintendo plans to produce a lot more of these little things in the next year than it did previously.
It looks like Nintendo is doing what it can to prevent the current retail shortage of Nintendo Switch hardware from persisting into the future. The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that "people briefed on [Nintendo's] plans" say the company is doubling its expected Switch production from 8 million units to 16 million units for the fiscal year running from April through March of 2018.
To put that number in some context, Nintendo only sold 13.5 million Wii U units in that console's entire four-year run on the market . The original Wii, meanwhile, shipped roughly 17 million units in its first full calendar year on the shelves (following a holiday-season launch), amid massive long-term retail shortages and on the way to selling over 100 million units over its lifespan . The PS4 sold just over 14 million consoles worldwide in 2014, after selling about 4 million units during its 2013 holiday launch.
The news follows reports of strong initial interest in the Switch worldwide following its March 3 debut, with one report estimating 1.5 million units sold in the system's first week. Nintendo previously said it planned to ship 2 million units by the end of March, though some industry watchers expect that number may now be lower than reality.
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343 d ago
Nintendo could double production of the Switch
 If you launch a new console with a massively successful game like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it’s not that hard to sell your console. This is exactly what is happening with the Nintendo Switch as Nintendo is ramping up production for the next 12 months. Nintendo already said that the company was planning to sell 2 million consoles for the month of March. According to SuperData, the… Read More
nintendo switch
343 d ago
Nintendo Switch Production Expected to Double
Very strong sales point to 16 million new Switch consoles being manufactured by March 2018.
343 d ago
Nintendo to double production of its new Switch console, says report
Nintendo to double the production of its Switch console due to high demand
The Wall Street Journal
343 d ago
Nintendo to Double Production of Switch Console
Nintendo plans to manufacture 16 million or more of its Switch consoles in the year starting April 1, up from an initial plan for eight million, owing to strong demand since its March 3 launch.
343 d ago
Report: Nintendo doubling Switch production to meet demand
Hopefully you’ll be able to buy one soon
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343 d ago
Nintendo Switch Production Doubled In Bid To Meet Demand, Says Report
Nintendo is reacting to the demand for Switch consoles by doubling the amount of units produced, according to a new report.
The Japanese company planned to manufacture 8 million consoles before the end of March 2018, states the Wall Street Journal (via GamesIndustry ), citing "people briefed on the plans." That number has now been "at least" doubled to 16 million.
Though official Switch sales figures are yet to be revealed, Nintendo has stated that the hybrid device is the fastest-selling Nintendo console ever in the Americas, Europe, and Australia . One report said earlier this week that around 1.5 million Switch units were sold in the device's first week on the market , meaning it has nearly met Nintendo's first-month expectations of 2 million sales already.
Given the higher-than-expected demand, Nintendo now believes it can sell 10 million consoles in the next year. That demand has seen the Switch, along with its flagship game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , run out of stock at many major retailers .
In addition, the Switch Pro Controller is seemingly impossible to find right now , while Nintendo still struggles to keep up with demand for the miniature NES Classic Edition .
Nintendo will be hoping to maintain--and meet--demand for the console throughout 2017, with major releases such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe , Arms , and Splatoon 2 on the way relatively soon.
The Verge
343 d ago
Nintendo doubles Switch production plans after strong demand: WSJ
Nintendo plans to produce at least 16 million Switch consoles in the financial year starting this April, reports The Wall Street Journal , which claims this represents a doubling of the company’s initial plans on the back of strong demand. The only official indication of Switch sales to date is that Nintendo planned to ship 2 million units this month following its launch on March 3rd, though a WSJ source claims the true number may be 2.5 million or more.
If the 16 million figure is true, that would put the new console, which is a tablet-style device that is also designed to be used on a TV, well on course to outsell its predecessor, the disappointing Wii U. That system has only managed to sell around 13.5 million units since its launch in...
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343 d ago
Nintendo Plans To Double Switch Production
Nintendo is doubling down on the Switch, according to sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal . On account of strong demand the company reportedly now plans to manufacture at least 16 million consoles over the fiscal year starting April 1 – twice its initial plan.
The Switch went on sale around the world on March 3 and saw record-breaking sales across several territories . Across the Americas, Europe, and Australia Nintendo confirmed the Switch had sold more in its launch weekend than any other Nintendo hardware in history.
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344 d ago
Nintendo Switch’s launch lineup is secretly great
Compare it to Nintendo’s previous launches, and it’s booming
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nintendo switch
video games
game consoles
legend of zelda: breath of the wild
mario kart
wii u
Business Insider
344 d ago
The $300 Nintendo Switch has been great for my relationship
I've owned the Nintendo Switch for only two weeks, but I'm already smitten. This is easily my favorite piece of new tech in 2017 and my favorite Nintendo console ever.
It's not perfect by any means, but this unusual piece of hardware has already changed the way I live, and it has brought me closer to my fiancée, who before the Switch's arrival was never into modern video-game consoles. What's more, this little system has tremendous potential to do even more in the future.
Here's what I mean:
On Friday, March 3, I picked up my Nintendo Switch from Best Buy — with a copy of "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," of course — before heading home from work. Reuters/Toru Hanai
I preordered the Switch the night it was announced — I'm a longtime Nintendo fan, and having followed rumors for years about Nintendo's mysterious "NX" console, I believed Nintendo would correct many of the mistakes it made with the underwhelming Wii U, a game console I bought and, sadly, returned a year later.

When I got home with the Switch on that first night, I couldn't wait to set up the console. My fiancée was less excited at first — she doesn’t play video games nearly as much as I do, and she hadn’t heard much about the Switch — but that changed as soon as we turned on the console. Dave Smith/Business Insider
The ability to create a customizable avatar changed my fiancée's mind on the Switch almost immediately.

Everything about the Switch experience is user-friendly. My fiancée loved being able to create two separate accounts — she customized hers to her liking, with an avatar and background color — so we could each play certain games at our own pace. Dave Smith/Business Insider
In all honesty, she wanted the two of us to create a single profile on the Switch, but since I wanted to have my own "Zelda" adventure, she was nice enough to accommodate my selfish desires.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider
344 d ago
Nintendo Switch Console Exclusives Confirmed For 2017
If you're looking to play a new Super Mario, Fire Emblem, or Xenoblade game, then 2017 might just be the year to pick up a Nintendo Switch.

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310 d ago GameSpotNintendo Discontinues NES Classic Edition Globally [Update]
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Update [April 19]: The NES Classic Edition has also been discontinued in Europe, a Nintendo spokesperson told Eurogamer . The console, which was called the NES Classic Mini in the territory, is no longer being manufactured in Europe. Combined with the discontinuation in Japan, that now means the miniature console is now out of print worldwide.
Original story follows [April 13].
After just six months on the market, Nintendo says it is discontinuing the NES Classic Edition in North America. Nintendo did not provide a specific reason for why the console is being discontinued, but the plug-and-play system has been plagued with supply issues; months after its launch it was still selling out almost as quickly as new shipments were released .
"Throughout April, NOA territories will receive the last shipments of Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition systems for this year," Nintendo said in a statement.
"We encourage anyone interested in obtaining this system to check with retail outlets regarding availability. We understand that it has been difficult for many consumers to find a system, and for that we apologize. We have paid close attention to consumer feedback, and we greatly appreciate the incredible level of consumer interest and support for this product."
Nintendo has only said, so far, that the NES Classic Edition is being discontinued in North America. When asked whether the discontinuation would be applied globally, a representative from Nintendo said, “Please see the statements made by Nintendo in other territories.”
The NES Classic Edition launched last November, coming preloaded with 30 classic NES games. When asked if these classic games will be made available on the Switch or another system, Nintendo only said “We have nothing to announce at this time.”

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Nintendo has announced that it will cease production of the 30-game NES Classic Edition plug-and-play system by the end of the month, even though retailers have been unable to keep the system on store shelves for pretty much the entirety of its six-month run on the market so far.
In a statement provided to IGN , a Nintendo representative said:
Throughout April, NOA territories will receive the last shipments of Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition systems for this year. We encourage anyone interested in obtaining this system to check with retail outlets regarding availability. We understand that it has been difficult for many consumers to find a system, and for that we apologize. We have paid close attention to consumer feedback, and we greatly appreciate the incredible level of consumer interest and support for this product.
The representative added that the NES Classic "wasn’t intended to be an ongoing, long-term product. However, due to high demand, we did add extra shipments to our original plans." The NES Classic controller will also be discontinued, according to the spokesperson.
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Once again, Nintendo denies people an easy way to play its retro games—for no good reason. The post Discontinuing the NES Classic Is a Classic Nintendo Mistake appeared first on WIRED .
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316 d ago Venture Beat :: Nintendo is discontinuing the hard-to-find NES Classic Edition
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If you want an NES Classic Edition, you better get one soon.
Nintendo is discontinuing the popular but hard-to-find retro console, as IGN first reported. The company confirmed this with GamesBeat in an email. The NES Classic edition is a miniature version of Nintendo’s first console, the Nintendo Entertainment System. It comes with 30 games, including nostalgic hits like The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., and Mega Man 2. When it released last November, it immediately became a hot item. Nintendo was caught off guard by the system’s popularity.
Still, people assumed that at some point Nintendo would be able to make a decent stock of the systems. That never happened, and now the console is going away.
“Throughout April, NOA [Nintendo of America] territories will receive the last shipments of Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition systems for this year,” Nintendo told GamesBeat. “We encourage anyone interested in obtaining this system to check with retail outlets regarding availability. We understand that it has been difficult for many consumers to find a system, and for that we apologize. We have paid close attention to consumer feedback, and we greatly appreciate the incredible level of consumer interest and support for this product.”
Nintendo elaborated to IGN, noting that it never intended the NES Classic Edition to be a long-term product. It had already produced more systems than it intended, but it’s now done.
So, uh … why?
Logically, it seems like Nintendo is leaving money on the table. Now, people selling second-hand NES Classic Edition for marked-up prices are the ones that’ll see big profits. Why wouldn’t Nintendo want to make more when it has no problem moving them?
Maybe its working on a new system that will make the NES Classic Edition obsolete, like an NES Classic Edition 2.0 that has more games and features. Or maybe Nintendo is worried that the retro system can cut into its business of selling digital copies of its old games on new systems via the Virtual Console store (we still haven’t heard about Nintendo’s Virtual Console plans for the Switch).
Whatever the reason, it’s a bummer for Nintendo fans who haven’t been able to find an NES Classic Edition yet.

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Started 317 d ago until 317 d ago
4 pub.
317 d ago Business InsiderHere's what you need to do to find a Nintendo Switch in stock
Read on Business Insider | Share | Tweet

Reuters/Toru Hanai
Getting your hands on a Nintendo Switch isn’t easy.
It has been over a month since the console hit shelves, but stores still can’t keep up with demand. In an earnings call a few weeks ago, GameStop COO Tony Bartel said that despite Nintendo doubling its Switch production, he expects the retailer to be chasing supply all the way into 2018 .
Sure, you could buy one from a reseller on Amazon or eBay, but those consoles will be way above market price, and nobody likes getting gouged. So if you want to get a Switch before 2018, you're going to have to stay on your toes.
Here are the best ways to keep track of Nintendo Switch stock at all the major retailers where it's sold:
Target Flickr/ Kevin Dooley
If you want to make sure that you find a Switch in stock at Target, you're going to have to do it the old fashioned way: by checking on their website for availability at your local store.
Alternatively, you can look up your local store's number and call to ask if they know when the next shipment will come in. 

Toys "R" Us Reuters
Like Target, you are going to have to be checking the Toys "R" Us website constantly until they post an update.
However, you can also follow the toy giant on Twitter for updates on when they will next have Nintendo's console in stock. If you find a tweet like the one below, confirm with your local store that they will indeed be receiving a shipment. 
Your store's team will also be able to tell you when the best time to line up is to ensure that you are able to leave with a Switch. 
Tweet Embed:
. @NintendoSwitchC is back in stock at @Toysrus Sunday (in-store only)! Quantities are limited & 1 per customer, so get in line early! pic.twitter.com/qzTGJ9bkUC

Best Buy Getty Images
Your best bet for making sure you find a switch in stock at Best Buy is to follow the company on social media. They regularly post updates regarding the Switch on Twitter and Facebook.
For Best Buy, also be sure to check their weekly circular and sign up for their email newsletter, as both will say whether or not there will be consoles in stock that week. 
Tweet Embed:
Noon CT.
Limited quantities of the #NintendoSwitch and NES Classic will be available online. @NintendoAmerica https://t.co/Yux4ba9VQ6

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317 d ago Mashable :: Nintendo will pay you up to $20,000 if you can hack the Switch
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Calling all hackers — Nintendo is offering up a whole bunch of money to security-savvy Switch owners that can find vulnerabilities in the company's latest console. Finding and submitting a big security problem could see you walking away with a cool $20,000.
Nintendo expanded its public security flaw hunt to the Nintendo Switch yesterday, offering up compensation to anyone who finds and reports new vulnerabilities in the month-old console. Depending on the severity of the flaw, its exploitability, and the quality of the report, bug hunters could earn between $100 and $20,000.
SEE ALSO: A 10-year-old hacked Instagram so Facebook gave him $10,000 Read more...
More about Nintendo Switch , Security , Tech , Gaming , and Nintendo

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317 d ago Business Insider :: The best microSD cards for your phone, GoPro, or Nintendo Switch
Read on Business Insider | Share | Tweet

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.
TL:DR We researched microSD cards to find the best ones for your smartphone, GoPro , and Nintendo Switch . We found that the Samsung EVO Plus is the best one for most people.
Sometimes the storage that's built into a device just doesn't cut it — That's where microSD cards come in to expand your device's storage.
Many Android smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6, support microSD cards, as do all GoPro action cameras and some mobile gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch .
Whether you need a microSD card for your smartphone, action camera, mobile-gaming console, or something else entirely, we've got the microSD card for you.
Before we get into our top picks, here are all the terms and specifications you need to know to buy the right microSD card for your device.
Card Type and capacity
When it comes to the card type, the two main kinds you'll want to consider are SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) and SDXC (Secure Digital eXtended Capacity). The only real difference between the two is how much storage they offer. SDHC cards contain 4GB to 32GB, while SDXC cards typically pack 64GB to 2TB. 
Although most devices accept the SDXC standard for microSD cards with 32GB or more, some devices still only accept lower capacity SDHC microSD cards.
Some mobile gaming consoles like the Nintendo 3DS only support SDHC cards for 32GB or less. Most phones support SDXC cards with 64GB or more. Be sure to check which format your device supports.
Speed Class
Speed class is where things get complicated. The chart from the SD Association on the right breaks it down visually, but we've explained below.
SD cards for your average user come in four speed classes: 10, 6, 4, and 2.  Class 2 cards are the slowest and class 10 cards are the fastest. The class number refers to write speeds in megabytes per second (MB/s), so Class 2 = 2MB/s, Class 4 = 4MB/s, Class 6 = 6MB/s, and Class 10 = 10MB/s. 
It's generally a good idea to get a high-speed SD card, especially if you are filming high-resolution video. In that case, you'll want a class 10 microSD card with a UHS (Ultra High Speed) classification. 
UHS refers to the absolute top theoretical speed of each card. It's a good way to gauge burst shot speeds. UHS-I Cards have a maximum speed of 104 MB/s, while UHS-II cards have a maximum speed of 312 MB/s.
Finally, there's the card's speed class rating of either U1 or U3 on the top high-end cards. The speed class rating tells you the minimum speed an SD card will write. In other words, your card will never write at a speed slower than its rating. U1 supports at least a 10MB/s write speed, and U3 cards offer at least a 30MB/s write speed. If you shoot in 4K a lot, you have to get a U3 SD card. All the microSD cards in this guide are U3 or U1.
App performance class for smartphones and tablets
The App Performance Class denotes which MicroSD cards are best for smartphones and tablets. An A1 rating means that the card can open apps and process apps quickly, because it can handle a random read input-output access per second (IOPS) of 1,500 and write IOPS of 500.  A1 cards are new, and anyone who wants to use Google's "Adoptable Storage" feature, which formats your card as internal storage in an Android device, should look for the new rating.
The right microSD card for your device
Depending on what you're using your microSD card for, you'll want a different capacity.
For smartphone users: A 16GB or 32GB SDHC microSD card is fine for most smartphone users, because you'll probably be using it to store photos, videos, and big mobile games. You shouldn't fill up a 32GB card too fast. If you like to shoot 4K video on your phone, then you have to buy an SDXC microSD card that has a U3 speed class rating and at least 64GB of storage. Many phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6, support SDXC microSD cards with up to 256GB of storage.
For the Nintendo Switch and 3DS: Thankfully, the Nintendo Switch accepts SDXC microSD cards with up to 2TB of storage onboard. Since games take up a ton of storage, we recommend you get a high-capacity card for your Switch . If you have a Nintendo 3DS, you cannot buy an SDXC card. The console only supports SDHC cards with 32GB or less storage.
For GoPro users: If you need a microSD card for your GoPro , consult the company's list of recommended cards . The site says that GoPros require a minimum of Class 10, but U1 or U3 are better speed classifications. The HERO camera only supports a 32GB SDHC microSD card, but the HERO 3 Black Edition, HERO 3+ , HERO+, and HERO+ LCD cameras support SDXC microSD cards with up to 64GB of capacity. Meanwhile, the HERO 4 and HERO Session cameras are compatible with SDXC microSD cards of up to 128GB. 
Avoid counterfeit cards by sticking with known brands and clicking on our links.
Although the Samsung EVO Plus SDXC microSD card is our top pick, for various reasons laid out in the slides below, you should also consider the Lexar 633x SDXC microSD card  and the SanDisk Ultra SDXC microSD card .The best microSD card overall Samsung/Business Insider
Why you'll love it: The Samsung EVO Plus microSD card  is a jack of all trades — you can use it to expand your smartphone, action cam, or mobile gaming console storage.
Samsung makes the best microSD card you can buy. The EVO Plus is available in a wide range of capacities from 32GB up to 256GB and in both SDHC and SDXC card types. You can use it in any device that supports a microSD card, whether it be your smartphone, tablet, action camera, or mobile gaming console. 
The card offers fast random read and write speeds, which is just what you need when you're using a microSD card to expand storage in your smartphone or tablet. The EVO Plus' fast sequential speeds are ideal for recording Full HD video with your phone. 
In The Wirecutter's tests , the EVO Plus bested all of the 14 other cards tested when it came to random read speeds in a smartphone (38.7 MB/s). It got second place in the random write speed tests with 1.4 MB/s. The EVO Plus also had the best sequential speeds of all the cards The Wirecutter tested on a smartphone.
Although it's not the fastest microSD card you can buy, it is very close to matching those top-end cards and its price is much lower. The Samsung EVO Plus cards are currently on sale, too, so you can't beat the price. 
In case you're still on the fence,  The Wirecutter , Digital Trends , and  Android Central  all recommend the Samsung EVO Plus as one of (if not the) best microSD cards available. User reviews on Amazon are also incredibly favorable.
Pros: 80MB/s transfer speed, records full HD video, stores high-resolution pictures, waterproof, resistant to extreme temperature, X-Ray proof, Magnetic proof, compatible with micro SDHC and micro SDXC slots
Cons: Can be pricey when you go up to 128GB or 256GB
Buy the 32GB Samsung EVO Plus SDHC microSD card on Amazon for $15.95 [You save $7.04] - Best for your Nintendo 3DS  Buy the 64GB Samsung EVO Plus SDXC microSD card on Amazon for $28.95 [You save $13.04] - Best for your smartphone Buy the 128GB Samsung EVO Plus SDXC microSD card on Amazon for $48.85 [You save $54.14] - Best for your action cam Buy the 256GB Samsung Evo Plus SDXC microSD card on Amazon for $149.00  [You save $125.99] - Best for your Nintendo Switch

The best microSD card for the GoPro GoPro/Lexar/Business Insider
Why you'll love it: The Lexar 633x SDXC microSD card  is perfect for GoPro action cam users who need a fast card that handles 4K video.
 If you have a GoPro action cam , you need a high-performance microSD card that can handle 4K and 3D video recording. Lexar's 633X microSD cards are recommended on the GoPro website , and they're perfect for HERO 3 and HERO 3+  owners.
You need a U3-rated microSD card to record in 4K or 3D, and those cards can be expensive. Lexar's 633x cards aren't nearly as expensive as the others GoPro recommends, but they're just as fast. The Wirecutter recommends these Lexar cards as the best microSD cards for GoPro owners. Reviews on Amazon are favorable, and many of those reviews are written by GoPro users.
You can also use this card with your smartphone, tablet, or mobile gaming console. Make sure your device supports SDXC cards if you buy the 64GB card . If your device only supports SDHC cards, get the 32GB card .
The Lexar 633x offers transfer speeds of up to 95MB/s, so your footage is captured, stored, and transferred quickly. Lexar also offers a limited lifetime warranty for the microSD card and one-year limited warranty for included Class 10 adapter, so you're covered if something goes wrong.
Lexar is a well-known brand for high-quality microSD and regular SD cards. Although these cards are typically quite expensive, they're currently on sale on Amazon. The prices are excellent, especially if you grab a 32GB card, though chances are, you'll need the 64GB card for all your 4K GoPro footage.
Pros: Captures Full HD video, 3D video, 4K video, UHS-I, transfer speed up to 95MB/s, U1 and U3 versions, includes Class 10 card and USB 3.0 reader, recommended by GoPro for the HERO 3 and HERO 3+
Cons: Pricey at 64GB
Buy the 32GB Lexar 633x SDHC microSD card on Amazon for $17.95 [You save $33.04] Buy the 64GB Lexar 633x SDXC microSD card on Amazon for $66.95 [You save $28.04]

The best microSD card for the Nintendo Switch Nintendo/SanDisk/Business Insider
Why you'll love it: The SanDisk Ultra SDXC microSD card  is the one to buy if you own a Nintendo Switch or a gaming console that supports SDXC cards.
If you have a Nintendo Switch , you're going to need a fast high capacity microSD card to hold all your favorite games. The 128GB SanDisk Ultra SDXC microSD card is the perfect choice for your new mobile gaming console with its fast 90MB/s read speeds and huge capacity.
Although 128GB may sound like a lot of space, if you're going to be downloading games like "Breath of the Wild" which takes up 13.4GB, you're going to need a big microSD card to supplement the 32GB of storage that comes with the Nintendo Switch . A few software updates and AAA games will take up a lot of space quickly.
If you're really into downloading games and you have deep pockets, you can even get a 200GB or  256GB microSD card . You can, of course, get a lower capacity version of this card, since it comes in 8 , 32 , 64GB  sizes, too. However, the SanDisk card is on sale, and the 128GB card is an absolute steal right now.
You can also use this card for your smartphone or tablet, but it's not the best option for GoPro users, because it can't record in 4K.
Digital Trends  and Android Central recommend the SanDisk Ultra SDXC as one of the best microSD cards you can buy. User reviews on Amazon are positive, and at least one five-star review comes from a Nintendo Switch user.
Pros: 200GB Storage Capacity, Class 10, UHS-I, 90MB/s read speed, included SD adapter, 10-year limited warranty, durable design is water, temperature, shock, X-ray, and magnet proof
Cons: Expensive at high capacities and no 4K video support
Buy the 32GB SanDisk Ultra SDXC microSD card on Amazon for $17.25 [You save $20.74] Buy the 64GB SanDisk Ultra SDXC microSD card on Amazon for $21.99 [You save $18.00] Buy the 128GB SanDisk Ultra SDXC microSD card on Amazon for $45.95 [You save $104.04] Buy the 200GB SanDisk Ultra SDXC microSD card on Amazon for $77.73 [You save $172.26] Buy the 256GB SanDisk Ultra SDXC microSD card on Amazon for $155.48 [You save $44.51]

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317 d ago Fox News :: Nintendo is offering $20K to hack a Switch
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The Switch is selling well, now Nintendo wants to ensure the games do too by thwarting piracy before it happens.
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317 d ago GameSpot :: Nintendo Will Pay You Up To $20k To Hack The Switch And 3DS
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Nintendo wants to make sure the Switch and 3DS are as secure as possible, and it's turning to a community of "white-hat hackers" to find any vulnerabilities. The company has taken out a listing on HackerOne , a "bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platform," asking for reports on those two systems only.
In exchange, Nintendo is offering a "bounty" of up to $20,000 for new information on any of the following:
PiracyCheatingDissemination of inappropriate content to childrenSystem vulnerabilities regarding Nintendo SwitchVulnerabilities regarding Nintendo-published applications for Nintendo SwitchSystem vulnerabilities regarding the Nintendo 3DS family of systems
So how much exactly will you get for a valuable tip? Nintendo says it depends on how important and useful the reported info is. It says, in general, "the importance of the information is higher if the vulnerability is severe, easy-to-exploit."
Hackers will have to show a proof of concept or functional exploit code, but if you don’t have that Nintendo is still encouraging you to "report to us sooner rather than later such that you do not to lose the opportunity to become the first reporter."
So far three people have reported vulnerabilities and received their bounties. How much, and what bugs they found, are kept secret.
For the latest Nintendo Switch news, games, and features check out our full coverage right here on GameSpot .

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330 d ago PolygonWhere to buy a Nintendo Switch (update)
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How are you going to track down Nintendo’s latest console?
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343 d ago TechCrunch :: GameStop will have more Nintendo Switch systems for sale starting March 22
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 Nintendo Switch is in short supply – which is good news for Nintendo, but not so great news for customers looking to get their hands on one of the new consoles. They’ve been hard to find since launch, and Nintendo announced it’s ramping production which should help, but now GameStop says it’ll have new units on Wednesday, March 22 so eager gamers can set their alarms.… Read More

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343 d ago GameSpot :: Nintendo Switch Will Be Available Again At GameStop Soon
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Retailer GameStop will have Nintendo Switch units available for sale "as early as Wednesday, March 22," so if you've been after one but have been affected by the stock shortages, this may be the opportunity you've been waiting for.
GameStop has advised customers to "check their stores first for availability" and noted that it will only have "individual" units available, suggesting bundles with games may not be offered.
"GameStop continues to see strong demand from customers who are looking to purchase the Nintendo Switch system," its senior director of merchandising said in a press release. "We are meeting this demand by securing additional systems as fast as we can to ensure customers are able to purchase this innovative gaming technology.
"The customer enthusiasm and response we have seen so far has been incredible as we continue to sell through our supply of systems. We strongly suggest any customer who is still looking to purchase a Nintendo Switch, visit one of our stores as soon as they can. This new allotment will go fast."
A GameStop representative told us customers "cannot reserve units in advance" due to "the limited amount GameStop has received."
Demand for the Switch has been high and Nintendo is reportedly doubling the amount of units produced to meet this . "People briefed on the plans" have said that although Nintendo initially planned to make 8 million consoles before the end of March 2018, this has now been increased to 16 million.
Nintendo previously stated that the Switch is the fastest-selling Nintendo console ever in the Americas, Europe, and Australia . Another report said 1.5 million Switch units were sold in the device's first week on the market , which means it has met Nintendo's first-month expectations of 2 million sales already.

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343 d ago TechRadar :: Here’s at least one retailer that will have Nintendo Switch in stock next week
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It’s no surprise that the Nintendo Switch is hard to find at retail stores this week. The console, which launched on March 3, has been out of stock nearly everywhere since launch. 
But before you drop $400 on eBay or Craigslist, you might want to hold off until March 22, the day GameStop is supposed to get in a huge shipload of systems. 
The report comes by way of TechCrunch , who says that next Wednesday is the day GameStop should have new units on store shelves. That being said, no one expects them to stay there for long, so best get in line now or at least plan on arriving early that day. 
Check out these awesome Nintendo Switch deals Nintendo, by the numbers
The news about GameStop’s stock increase comes after earlier reports that Nintendo is doubling its production of the console to help satisfy demand. The company was supposed to produce 8 million consoles between April 2017 and March 2018, and it now plans on doubling that number to 16 million. 
So far, so good for the successor to one of Nintendo’s worst-selling consoles, the Wii U , which has only sold about 13.56 million consoles so far. 
That said, finding a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to go with your new console, on the other hand, might be a different story…
Have a console already? Check out these Nintendo Switch tips and tricks
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348 d ago PolygonToeJam & Earl is coming to Nintendo Switch
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Hands-on with the latest build at PAX East
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4 d ago TechRadar :: Best Nintendo Switch games 2018: the best games at home and on the go
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[Update: There's a brand new title on our list of the best Nintendo Switch games and that's the recently released Bayonetta 2.]
The Nintendo Switch may be the baby of the console market but that's not stopped it taking the world by storm. A far bigger hit than the Wii U that came before it, the Switch has the potential to be one of the best selling Nintendo consoles in recent history. 
While its unique hybrid design is a big part of its success, the console's large library of games has to be credited too. Novelty won't shift units forever – it's games that will keep the Switch flying off the shelves.
The console has a number of exciting first-party and third-party titles. Already it exclusively has two of the most critically acclaimed titles of 2017 with The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey . But it's also home to big third-party offerings like FIFA, Doom, and Skyrim . 
There's plenty to choose from on the Switch but here we've narrowed it down to the best. We're constantly on the look out for the latest and greatest Switch games so keep checking back here as this list will be frequently updated. 
Watch our review of the Nintendo Switch below!
Want to know what the best Pokemon game is as well? 
Super Mario Odyssey is Mario's first real outing on the Nintendo Switch and he makes his debut in style. Odyssey is a 3D sandbox adventure that sees Mario travel between a wide range of worlds to save Princess Peach from the nefarious and maritally-minded Bowser. 
Giving the old formula a bit of a refresh, this game sees the traditional Power Ups replaced with a new companion for Mario called Cappy. This sentient hat is Mario's weapon and friend and he can be used to possess enemies and objects to solve puzzles and defeat foes.
In our full review for Super Mario Odyssey we called this game "one of Mario's finest adventures in recent memory" and recommend that you play it now.
If you decide to pick the game up for yourself, don't forget to check out our tips and tricks guide to help you get started.  
Even for a series like The Legend of Zelda which rarely puts a foot wrong, Breath of the Wild is an absolutely phenomenal game. 
While past Zelda games have stuck pretty closely to the formula established by Ocarina of Time (the series’ 3D debut), Breath of the Wild throws much of the established wisdom away. 
Rather than having a pre-defined order you must use to approach each major mission, Breath of the Wild opens the entire map up to you almost immediately, allowing you to approach the game in whatever order you see fit. You can spend hours just climbing trees and brewing elixirs, or you can even head straight to the game’s final boss if you’re feeling confident. 
But away from Breath of the Wild’s unique structure, it’s the puzzles themselves that make the game feel the most satisfying. While previous games rigidly allow for a single solution to each puzzle, BotW’s physics-based problem solving means that there are often multiple solutions to each challenge depending on how you combine your various skills. 
The result is a game that feels incredibly broad in scope, with so many little touches to discover that it’s hard not to fall in love with this long-running series all over again. 
Check out everything you need to know in our Breath of the Wild tips and tricks guide
Anyone that loves classic point-and-click adventure stories such as Broken Sword and Monkey Island will certainly want to direct their attention towards this recent release from LucasArts veteran Ron Gilbert. 
Mechanically, the game works like the classics of the genre with lots of slow-paced obtuse puzzle solving and verb-list clicking. Even visually it's very similar to the games that have influenced it. 
If you're tired of playing the same classics on repeat, pick up Thimbleweed Park for an excellent new addition to the point-and-click genre. You'll travel back to 1987 for a neo-noir adventure that you won't want to leave. 
Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U was already one of the best entries in the franchise, and the Nintendo Switch version is no different.
At it's core the game offers the same excellent racing as the Wii U original, but there are also a number of new additions for this version of the arcade racer. 
You've got the return of battle mode, new characters, all the previously released DLC tracks, and the ability to hold two special items at a time to add an extra layer of strategy to your racing. 
The new game is also a great way of playing the game in multiplayer. You can play online, split-screen with up to four players or link up to eight consoles together to play multiplayer wirelessly (where you can also play with up to two players per console). 
It's a versatile release, and well worth picking up for anyone who missed out on Mario Kart 8 the first time around. 
Get ahead of the competition with our Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tips and tricks
Splatoon was the closest Nintendo has ever allowed itself to get to an online shooter, and it did so by fundamentally turning the genre on its head. 
That means no guns, no bullets, and ultimately no death. Instead, you play as characters with paint guns tasked with covering the map in your team's colors. 
You can kill (well, 'splat') your enemies, but you do so only in service of buying yourself time to paint more of the map without your opponents, and their painting, getting in the way. 
While Splatoon 2 is technically a sequel, in truth it's more of the same. 
That's not necessarily a bad thing. The original game was tightly designed and well-balanced, and while the sequel makes some minor tweaks to the gameplay, the same Nintendo charm is still present in spades. 
If you never played the original then Splatoon 2 is an easy game to recommend, but even if you did then it might be worth jumping in again to revisit it on Nintendo's portable system. 
If you want to get ahead of the competition then our Splatoon 2 tips and tricks guide will help you do just that. 
If ever there was a game to show off how useful the new Joy-Con controllers can be it’s SnipperClips. 
Best enjoyed in co-op mode, the game tasks you with cutting pieces out of your geometric-shaped partner in order to solve physics-based puzzles. 
Although the puzzles themselves deftly tread a fine line between approachability and challenge, the real joy in the game is the slapstick that results as you muddle your way through each level. 
You’ll never conclusively beat a level; it will always feel as though you’ve barely scraped through, but the tension this creates is fantastic fun. 
Overcooked was one of the breakout indie hits of 2016, and now it's come to the Nintendo Switch in fantastic fashion. 
There game is best played with a group of friends, which is perfect considering you always have at least two controllers with your Switch. 
But what do you actually do? In essence you play as a group of chefs trying desperately to cook meals without your customers getting angry or your kitchen catching on fire. 
With each person only able to do one thing at a time, and most meals requiring multiple stages of preparation, this forces you to split tasks up between you. The problem is that every task proceeds at a slightly different pace, meaning you're constantly having to change your plans to deal with problems as they arise. 
It's frantic, it's great with friends, and it's a perfect fit for the Switch. 
It's tough to know what genre to describe Arms as. At its core, the game is a fighting game where you attempt to land punches on your opponent using giant extendible arms. Punch-Out this is not. 
What first appeared to be a slightly gimmicky title made to show off the Nintendo Switch's motion-sensing controllers actually turned out to have a surprising amount of depth and strategy to it, leading to some frantic multiplayer battles. 
Nicely, the whole game can also be played with more traditional buttons rather than control schemes so you don't have to get caught flailing your arms around on the bus when you play it as a portable game. 
Having trouble landing your punches? Check out our Arms tips and tricks guide
Over twenty years after its original release it's hard to know what more can be written about one of the most influential fighting games of all time. 
Ultra Street Fighter 2 is essentially the same Street Fighter 2 that's been continuously re-released on every console under the sun. Technically this version is based on Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo from 1994, which added super and air combos to the base game, but unless you're a die-hard fan this likely won't mean too much to you. 
So don't go into this expecting a wildly different game from what you've played before. This is a traditional Street Fighter experience through and through, and the console's form-factor makes it perfect for quick multiplayer sessions. 
If you want to satisfy your arcade racing itch before Mario Kart 8 Deluxe blue-shells its way onto the console in a couple of months then Fast RMX is the game for you. 
With one part Wipeout and two parts F-Zero, the game has you racing futuristic hovercraft round a series of implausible tracks at breakneck speeds. 
Fast RMX’s gimmick is that at any point your craft has either an orange or a blue polarity, which match with speed power-ups that are spread around the track. By switching your polarity as you race, you can maximize the benefits these power-ups bring. 
It’s a neat feature, but it’s overshadowed by how technically capable this game is. It looks fantastic whether you’re playing it in portable or console mode, where it will run at a solid 60 frames per second. 
It might not have the charm of its Mario-themed competitor, but Fast RMX is a great game for anyone seeking fast-paced arcade racing thrills. 
Shovel Knight is not a new game. It saw its first release way back in 2014 on the PC after it was funded on Kickstarter, and since then versions have appeared on everything from the Vita to the PS4, the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. 
But that doesn’t make it any less of a great game on the Switch, where its 2D side-scrolling is as tight and responsive as ever. 
Chances are you’ve played Shovel Knight on one system or another in previous years, but if you’ve yet to take the game on the go, or better yet if you’re looking to try its newest expansion pack, ‘Specter of Torment’, then the Switch is as good a place as any to satisfy your Shovel cravings. 
Although it’s not a port, Super Bomberman R might as well be for all the changes it makes to the traditional Bomberman formula. 
For all intents and purposes, this is classic Bomberman. You run around a maze dropping bombs, all the while trying to avoid getting caught in the subsequent explosions caused by both yourself and your opponents. 
Super Bomberman R does try to mix up the formula a little by offering a single-player campaign, but at just a couple of hours long it’s not especially engaging. 
Nope, this is a game that’s all about that multiplayer, where you can play with up to eight players locally or online. It’s here the game feels most at home, and for the most part its every bit as good as the classic Bombermans that have proceeded it. 
The biggest problem is the game’s price, which is the same as big budget triple-A games like The Legend of Zelda. For a multiplayer-only experience that’s a little bit steep, but if you see the game discounted anywhere then this is an excellent game to have on the Switch. 
This crossover has surprised a lot of people, us included. Though Nintendo's Mario and Ubisoft's Rabbid rabbits doesn't seem like a combination that should work it really does.
This is a turn-based tactical game and it's incredibly fun to play thanks to gameplay that's satisfyingly complex and deep without being overly difficult – though the difficult increases it's in a gradual way that doesn't result in feelings of being overwhelmed. 
Mario Rabbids is also just a lovely game to look at – the level design is consistently fantastic and the world and its characters are adorable and colorful. Joining up with Mario lends Ubisoft's Rabbids a charm they've lacked until now while Mario and co benefit from the partnership by gaining a bit more of a silly sense of humor which really benefits the Nintendo image. 
With this partnership, Nintendo has managed to secure another appealing exclusive for the Switch. 
Stardew Valley is one of those games that always felt like it was supposed to be on a Nintendo console and we couldn't have been happier when it was released recently for the Switch.
If you’ve ever played a Harvest Moon game, you’re already familiar with the premise of Stardew Valley. Stardew Valley is an addictive farming simulator which sees you interact with townees to the point where you can literally marry them.
Stardew Valley isn’t just one thing; it’s a whole bunch of things at once. You can engage in crafting, fishing, cooking and even exploring procedurally-generated caves to mine for items and even take on monstrous enemies. 
However, do keep in mind your health and energy as you’ll need to make sure your character is in tip-top shape in order to avoid suffering from exhaustion. Lose health and you lose a considerable amount of money and items you’ve worked hard to attained. Stardew Valley will have you hooked for hours on end, for better or worse. (Better, definitely better.)
Skyrim might be a game that's six years old, but the portability of the Nintendo Switch makes it feel fresh again. What was once an exclusively home console and PC experience can now be played on your commute and there's no denying that holding the wild world of Skyrim in the palm of your hand is exhilarating. 
For a touch of novelty, the game also supports the console's Joy-Con motion controls so you can swing your sword and draw your bow in real life. It's a whole new way to play.
This is the full open world Skyrim experience for the Nintendo Switch, including all DLC. 
Read more about our thoughts on Skyrim's arrival on Switch. 
Another home console classic now given a new lease of life on Switch is LA Noire. It's unusual to see 18-rated games on Nintendo consoles but it's exciting that the Switch is building up a more mature library.
Created by Rockstar, LA Noire is a 1940s detective title which puts players in the smart leather shoes of Cole Phelps. As Phelps, you'll dive into the seedy underbelly of LA, solving a variety of cases across the LAPD's Homicide, Vice and Arson divisions.
Aside from letting you take a great game on the go, the Switch version of LA Noire has some neat features such as motion control support. This means you can pick up evidence at crime scenes and inspect it from every angle using the Joy-Con controllers. 
Read more of our thoughts on LA Noire for the Nintendo Switch . 
It's not everyone that would have had the chance to enjoy Bayonetta 2 when it was first released back in 2014 thanks to its Wii U exclusivity. Fortunately, the game has finally come to Nintendo Switch alongside its fantastic predecessor, giving it the reach it deserves. 
Bayonetta 2 is an excellent game, with fast-paced and satisfying combat, jaw-dropping animations and frankly outstanding fashion. Even better, when you purchase a physical copy of Bayonetta 2, you'll also receive a free download code for the original game.
More than anything, this is a great way to prepare for Bayonetta 3, which has been confirmed as being in development for the Switch. 

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347 d ago GameSpot :: Nintendo Switch Getting New ToeJam & Earl Game
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Yet another high-profile indie game is headed to Nintendo Switch . ToeJam & Earl series creator Greg Johnson confirmed on Twitter that the fan-funded game Back in the Groove is headed to Switch. It's also coming to PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , PC , and Mac.
Back in the Groove was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2015, when people donated more than $500,000 to make it happen. Johnson and his team at Humanature Studios are developing it.
The original ToeJam & Earl was released for the Sega Genesis back in 1991. This was followed up by a 1993 platforming sequel called Panic in Funkotron , and then ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth in 2002.
At the end of February, Nintendo showed off some of the 60 indie games coming to Switch this year , including SteamWorld Dig 2 (launching this summer); the latest Bit.Trip game, Runner 3 (a Switch exclusive coming this fall); and a 16-bit "spiritual successor" to Retro City Rampage called Shakedown Hawaii (releasing first on Switch this April).
Back in the Groove is being published by Adult Swim Games, a division of the TV network. It is due out this year on all platforms, though a specific release date has not been announced.

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310 d ago GameSpot :: All The Nintendo Switch Games Confirmed
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With Nintendo Switch finally out now, excitement is building over the plethora of games releasing for it in the coming months. To help you keep track of all of them, we've compiled a list below of every game confirmed for the console/handheld hybrid. Be sure to check back often as we update this feature with new games as they get announced.
If you're looking to see which games are coming only to Switch, check out our feature on all the exclusives confirmed for the console in 2017 . For more about Nintendo Switch, read our full review . You can also check out the console's main peripherals , as well as our in-depth feature of its menus and UI (user interface) . And if you're curious how the Switch compares to other consoles in terms of size, check out our size comparison .
Nintendo Switch Games 1-2-Switch 1001 Spikes 2 Fast 4 Gnomz AeternoBlade II Alpha Mission II Arcade Archives Arms Audio Hero Away: Journey to the Unexpected Battle Chef Brigade Battle Princess Madelyn The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Bit Boy! Arcade Deluxe Blaster Master Zero Blazing Star Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Cave Story+ Cars 3: Driven to Win Celeste Constructor Cube Life: Island Survival Dandara De Mambo Disgaea 5: Complete Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Dragon Quest X Dragon Quest XI Dragon Quest Heroes I + II Duck Game Dungeon of Zaar The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Enter the Gungeon The Escapists 2 The Fall Part 2: Unbound Farming Simulator 18 Fast RMX Fatal Fury: King of Fighters Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star New FIFA Game Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch Fire Emblem Warriors Flipping Death Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors Garou: Mark of the Wolves GoNNER Graceful Explosion Machine Has-Been Heroes Hollow Knight Hover: Revolt of Gamers Human Resource Machine I Am Setsuna Ittle Dew 2 The Jackbox Party Pack 3 Just Dance 2017 Kamiko Kingdom: Two Crowns The King of Fighters '94 The King of Fighters '98 The King of Fighters '99 Last Resort The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Lego City Undercover Lego Worlds Little Inferno Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Metal Slug Metal Slug 3 Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition Minecraft: Story Mode -The Complete Adventure Minna de Wai Wai! Spelunker Monopoly for Nintendo Switch Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Mr. Shifty Mutant Mudds NAM-1975 Namco Museum NBA 2K18 NBA Playgrounds Neo Turf Masters New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Old Time Hockey Othello Overcooked: Special Edition Payday 2 Perception Pocket Rumble Portal Knights Project Octopath Traveler Puyo Puyo Tetris Puzzle Box Racing Apex Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition Re:Legend Redout Rime Riverside Rogue Trooper: Redux Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII Runner3 The Sacred Hero Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge Seasons of Heaven Seiken Densetsu Collection Sengoku Shakedown Hawaii Shin Megami Tensei: Brand New Title Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura Shock Troopers Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment Sine Mora EX Skylanders: Imaginators Snake Pass Snipperclips: Cut It Out Together Sonic Forces Sonic Mania Space Dave! Spelunker World Splasher Splatoon 2 Stardew Valley State of Mind Steamworld Dig 2 Steep Super Bomberman R Super Mario Odyssey Syberia 3 Tank It! Terraria Thumper Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove Towerfall: Ascension Treasurenauts Troll and I Tumbleseed Ultimate Chicken Horse Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Unbox: Newbie's Adventure Unholy Heights The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup Voez Waku Waku 7 Wargroove Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap World Heroes Perfect World of Goo Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Yoku's Island Express Yooka-Laylee Zombie Vikings
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354 d ago TechRadarNintendo Switch teardown reveals a DIY-friendly console
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The Nintendo Switch has only been available for a few days but iFixit has already posted a video tearing down the console so that we can see exactly what’s inside.
From the dock, to the the individual Joy-Con controllers to the Nintendo Switch tablet itself, there’s plenty to see in this teardown. 
It looks like the tablet is the most complex part of the console with the most parts to take out and the most tiny screws to contend with. First bit of good news: upon opening the tablet the iFixit crew say it looks like the Switch’s priorities are “battery and cooling.”
Modular make up
The Switch packs a 16 Wh battery which is significantly bigger than the 5.6 Wh replaceable battery in the Wii U GamePad. To stop that extra beefy battery overheating and burning your hands there’s a metal plate which acts as a heat sink, channeling heat from the heat pipe to the rear case and preventing concentrated hot spots.
Though you’ll have to send your Switch back to Nintendo if you want a replacement battery, it looks like the company has kept repairability in mind when it comes to the screen: “Unlike a lot of modern touchscreen devices, the digitizer on the Switch is not fused to the display, meaning you can replace the two parts independently.” Even better, the LCD screen is easily removable too. 
In fact, most aspects of the console are modular and replaceable, including the analog sticks, game cartridge reader, and headphone jack. 
Unfortunately “the digitizer and display are not fused, reducing the cost of repair but increasing complexity” and Nintendo’s proprietary tri-point screws “restrict users from opening the Switch” so it’s unlikely you’ll be doing those relatively easy repairs yourself. Still, it's much more DIY-friendly than the majority of mobile devices out there.
If you love seeing screws being seamlessly unscrewed and delicate parts being laid out with meticulous care this video is absolutely worth watching and you can see it below:
Don't miss our full review of the Nintendo Switch
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353 d ago Business Insider :: The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo's fastest-selling console ever
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Nintendo's new console is barely three days old, but it's already off to a strong start in terms of sales: It is now Nintendo's fastest-selling console.
That's an impressive launch, even if you take Nintendo's selective sales metric with the grain of salt it deserves.
The hybrid game system, which acts as a home game console and a portable game console, sold even better in North America in its first two days than the Nintendo Wii — the highest-selling console Nintendo has ever made, with more than 100 million units sold over its lifetime.
That's according to Nintendo of America's president, Reggie Fils-Aime, as reported by The New York Times' Nick Wingfield on Twitter :
Tweet Embed:
2. Fri-Sat sales for Nintendo Switch exceeded first 2-day sales in Americas for any system in Nintendo history. Next biggest was Wii.
Wingfield is quoting from an interview he conducted with Fils-Aime that has yet to be published.
No actual numbers were provided, so it's tough to make a direct comparison with the Wii.
And there is clearly some metrics cherry-picking at play here, since Nintendo didn't publicly measure the Wii's success based on the first two days of sales when it launched back in 2006. All we know is that the Wii sold 600,000 units during its first eight days on the market.
So is the proper yardstick for measuring a console sales record a two-day period? An eight-day period? Or some other arbitrary period of time? Since Nintendo isn't releasing numbers (not yet at least), the company has a lot of discretion in what it declares to be a sales "record."
Still as the tweet points out, the Switch sales look good from another perspective: The new console launched on March 3, 2017. The Nintendo Wii, by contrast, launched November 19, 2006 — prime time for holiday shopping. The Wii was an instant sales hit, as it became the hottest present of the holiday season in 2006.
To Nintendo's credit, that feat is far harder to pull off when a game console launches in March, miles from the nearest gift-giving holiday. All of which is to say this: It's a very good sign that the Switch is selling this well at launch.
More important, however, is continuing that momentum. The Nintendo Wii became Nintendo's best-selling home game console because demand continued long after its initial sales season. The Switch has that hurdle to clear next.
In addition to strong sales of the console, Wingfield reports, "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" is also breaking records for fastest-selling launch title:
Tweet Embed:
4. Zelda for Nintendo Switch the best selling standalone launch title (i.e. not a bundled game a la Wii Sports) in Nintendo history...
That makes a lot of sense — many of the folks buying a Switch this past weekend no doubt purchased it with the intent of playing "Breath of the Wild." Not only is it a fantastic game, but it's one that directly appeals to Nintendo's most loyal fans.
Whether the Switch can sustain the momentum throughout 2017 is another question. There are notable games on the horizon, with "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" leading the charge in late April, but the Switch's big new Mario game doesn't arrive until "holiday 2017."
If nothing else, we know one thing: The Switch is off to a far better start than the Nintendo Wii U, the disastrous successor to the Wii console.
NOW WATCH: Nintendo’s ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ is amazing — here’s what it’s like

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355 d ago TechRadar :: We're in awe of this classic Nintendo console hack
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While the gaming world at large is buzzing with the launch of the Nintendo Switch this weekend, an enterprising modder has added portability to one of the gaming giant's classic consoles of the past.
A Twitter user going by the handle @huxarufaxara has put together an ingenious mod of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), or Super Famicom as it was known in Japan, turning it into a portable contraption you can hold in your hands.
There's a controller and LCD screen embedded into the unit, as well as a custom-made cartridge slot for loading all your vintage games (this was a long time before eShops on the internet, remember). The controller's shoulder buttons have been moved to the sides.
The console has integrated speakers as well as an embedded screen, enabling you to enjoy all that 16-bit audio without having to connect anything external to it. Whether or not you can connect up another pad for two-player gaming we're not quite sure.
It's also not immediately apparent whether this retro gadget is actually running off an adapted battery pack or whether it's plugged into the mains, but even if it's not a fully portable system, we have to say maximum kudos to the modder behind it.
Perhaps if you're waiting for more games to arrive on the Nintendo Switch you could put together something like this for yourself in the meantime - although instructions aren't provided. Hundreds of games were eventually released for the SNES.
Nintendo shrinks another classic console, and we want one
Via RocketNews24

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351 d ago GameSpot :: Nintendo Switch Is Nintendo's Fastest-Selling Console Ever In The Americas, Europe, and Australia
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[UPDATE 3] Nintendo Australia today stated in a press release that the Nintendo Switch also broke sales records in Australia and New Zealand, confirming that "Across Australia and New Zealand combined, Nintendo Switch sold more in its launch weekend than any other Nintendo hardware in history."
Nintendo Australia also confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild had the strongest launch weekend sales in Australia and New Zealand of any title in the Zelda series, and stated that Breath of the Wild "even [outsold] Wii Sports - previously the biggest-selling Nintendo launch title ever in this region - in terms of first weekend sales."
[UPDATE 2] In France, the Switch sold 105,000 units at launch, outpacing the Wii, according to LeFigaro .
[UPDATE] The Nintendo Switch also did well in Europe over its launch weekend. According to MCV , the console sold "more units in its launch weekend than any other piece of Nintendo hardware in the company's history." Like in the Americas, Breath of the Wild is now the best-selling Nintendo launch title in Europe ever for Nintendo. It even outsold Wii Sports, MCV said.
The original story is below.
The Nintendo Switch is off to a hot start, it seems. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told The New York Times reporter Nick Wingfield this week that initial sales (for March 3 and 4) in the Americas exceeded the first two-day sales in the region for any system in the company's history.
The next closest was the Wii, which ended up being a massive hit, selling more than 100 million systems worldwide to date.
Fils-Aime added that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the best-selling standalone launch title for a Nintendo platform ever. He did not share a specific unit sales number, though it outperformed Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64.
Wii Sports for the Wii surely did better than Super Mario 64 or Breath of the Wild, as it was bundled with console, but this statistic is for non-bundled titles. The Switch has no bundled games .
Nintendo has made a big effort to push the Switch, as it aired a commercial for the console during this year's Super Bowl and even recruited John Cena to promote it .
Below are the tweets from Wingfield, the NYT reporter. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest on how the Switch is performing.
1. Update on Nintendo Switch sales I'll break into a multi-tweet. This from an intvw with Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of Amer. Pres
— Nick Wingfield (@nickwingfield) March 6, 2017
2. Fri-Sat sales for Nintendo Switch exceeded first 2-day sales in Americas for any system in Nintendo history. Next biggest was Wii.
— Nick Wingfield (@nickwingfield) March 6, 2017
3. This is particularly notable given that Switch launched in March, rather than holidays
— Nick Wingfield (@nickwingfield) March 6, 2017
4. Zelda for Nintendo Switch the best selling standalone launch title (i.e. not a bundled game a la Wii Sports) in Nintendo history...
— Nick Wingfield (@nickwingfield) March 6, 2017
5. ...beating Super Mario for N64
— Nick Wingfield (@nickwingfield) March 6, 2017
6. Long term comparisons to Wii, which sold more than 100 m LTD, are tough. But good start for Switch, with big games coming.
— Nick Wingfield (@nickwingfield) March 6, 2017
According to Famitsu , as translated by Kotaku , the Switch sold 330,637 units in its first three days on sale in Japan. Breath of the Wild shifted 190,060 physical copies over the same period, the report said.
This story has been updated and corrected.

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353 d ago Ars Technica :: Switch ‘n swole: We take Nintendo’s new console to the gym (and love it)
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Enlarge / Forget Wii Fit. At Ars Technica, we're Switch Swole.
We've tested the Nintendo Switch on planes . We've Switched at bars . We've Switched in beds, on couches, at coffee shops, and, yes, in bathrooms. (Don't judge. Once you get hooked on Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , you too will come up with excuses for why you couldn't put your incredibly portable game system down for a few minutes.)
Having tested Nintendo's new home-portable hybrid system in all kinds of situations, I got one idea that I was surprised I hadn't seen other gaming and Nintendo fans suggest: the gym. For years, gaming and fitness have eyed each other coyly, with Wii Fit in particular sparking an obnoxious trend of bulky, workout-minded kits for game systems. This trend has mostly fallen by the wayside, and I remember it less-than-fondly every time I notice an old EA Sports Active 2 bundle buried in my pile of old-tech boxes.
I've always been more interested in the stories of gamers who attach traditional games to their fitness regimens, like World of Warcraft rigs slapped onto treadmills. Yet these have also seemed less than ideal. How are you supposed to walk even slightly fast—let alone jog—while managing a mouse and keyboard rig?
Read 17 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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352 d ago IGNNintendo Switch - Final Review
Read on IGN | Share | Tweet

The Nintendo Switch isn’t unlike a NASA spacecraft, in that nearly every part of it has been specially designed to pull double or even triple duty. The system’s modular design means that it has to function as a traditional home console, a portable system, and stand-alone touchscreen tablet with wireless controllers. Getting a piece of hardware to do that much while also making it easy to use and understand would be an engineering miracle, and although Nintendo has come close in some regards, it has fallen well short in others. Overall, the Switch is an attractive and powerful but oversized portable gaming system that struggles to be a convincing or reliable home console.
Continue reading…

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354 d ago Business Insider :: I'm enjoying the Nintendo Switch much, much more than I expected — here's why
Read on Business Insider | Share | Tweet

I've been wary of Nintendo's new game console, the Switch, for quite some time.
On paper, there's a lot stacked against it:
It's underpowered compared with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, both of which cost the same (or less, depending on the model). It has a paltry game library compared with the competition. Because of its lack of horsepower, major games released on multiple platforms (think: "Assassin's Creed," "Call of Duty," "Grand Theft Auto," etc.) won't ever come to the Switch.
Still, there's something kind of magical about actually using the Switch.
The gimmick of Nintendo's new console is simple: It's both a home console and portable device, with the same game experience at home on a TV or in your hand on the go. But that gimmick is transformative in practice.
Ben Gilbert / Business Insider
Indulge me for a moment while I explain what this means in my daily life:
On Sunday evening, I played a few hours of "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" before dinner. I used the Switch Pro controller to play the game from my couch on my TV. Around 7 p.m., I paused the game and put the console into Sleep Mode (the equivalent of closing a laptop or turning off a tablet screen — "off," but not all the way). I ate dinner with my wife while watching season two of "The Great British Baking Show" and fell asleep a few hours later.
On Monday morning, I woke up, showered, and got ready for work. When it was time to leave my apartment, I grabbed my MacBook and the Nintendo Switch and threw them in my bag. While waiting for the F train, I took the Switch out of my bag and did some in-game errands I wanted to take care of (got that sweet black dye job on my armor).
The train arrived, and I tapped the power button on the top of the Switch, putting it into sleep mode again as I found a seat in the car. The subway left the station, and I started playing "Breath of the Wild" once more. A few moblin fights and one shrine later, I was at the 14th Street stop on the F train and, thus, near Business Insider's main office in Manhattan's Flatiron District.
I put the Switch to sleep once more and put it back in my bag.
I detail this not to brag about my thrilling morning routine, but to depict how the Switch has quickly, easily fit into my life.
There are a few reasons for this:
It's incredibly fast to turn the Switch on and off, which is meaningful in the living room and on the go. The faster I can get in and out of a game, the more likely I am to play it. The gimmick of the Switch is legit. It really is as simple as sliding the console in and out of the dock (seen above). No caveats. It's genuinely impressive and seamless. The biggest launch game on the Switch, "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," is an outrageously good game . I'm thinking about playing it right now while writing this (seriously).
There are problems with the Switch, no doubt. It's a far-from-perfect console, but its benefits far outweigh its problems. I wasn't expecting to like the Switch this much — I've outright said that you should wait to buy it until later this year , when there are more games and the system's online service lights up, and I stand by that — but here we are.
The Switch is far more delightful than I expected. I'm so, so glad to have been wrong.
NOW WATCH: Here's the gorgeous trailer for 'Super Mario Odyssey' — the first Mario game for Nintendo Switch

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354 d ago TechCrunch :: Why Nintendo Switch is amazing now, despite a small launch game lineup
Read on TechCrunch | Share | Tweet

 Nintendo’s Switch feels almost like a minimum viable product when it comes to software – the menu, when you boot the console initially, looks like a placeholder with big, empty square blocks suggesting some future software arrival. This is where games you download or insert via cartridge would show up, but it feels very work-in-progress. Jump to the store and the situation’s… Read More

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354 d ago Gawker Media :: Nintendo Switch Review: Plays Zelda Great, Doesn't Do Much Else
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After a shipping snafu with Amazon, I spent the better part of a day trying to track a Nintendo Switch down. I experienced exactly what many hopeful Switch owners will experience. I hounded Craigslist, and haunted Best Buy, and waited in a too-long line at GameStop. And now I’ve spent the last few days living the…

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355 d ago GameSpotNintendo Switch Has Huge Launch At GameStop, Retailer Says
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The Nintendo Switch was released on Friday. It was a huge hit at GameStop, the retailer announced.
Senior director of merchandising, Eric Bright, told Game Rant that the Switch launch was one of the "strongest and most successful gaming console launches" in recent years.
"Stores across the country [on Thursday night] were packed with customers who couldn't wait to get their hands on the brand new Nintendo Switch," he said. "This is one of the strongest and most successful gaming console launches for GameStop in the last several years. For those fans who are still looking for the Nintendo Switch, don't worry--we're getting more."
GameStop was among the retailers that had Switch stock available for walk-in customers on Friday.
After the Wii U struggled , it will be interesting to see how the Switch sells. Nintendo has not yet announced any sales figures for the hybrid console, but we'll report back if and when they do.
For more on the Switch, check out GameSpot's review of the console here .

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354 d ago GameSpot :: Nintendo Switch Sells 2X As Many Systems At Launch Than Wii U In UK - Report
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The Nintendo Switch is off to a stronger start than the Wii U , in the UK at least, it seems. GI.biz reports today that the console has sold around 80,000 units during its March 3-5 opening weekend.
This is double the number of systems (40,000) that the Wii U reportedly sold for its first weekend in 2012.
The Switch's 80,000 launch figure for the UK is not as good as the 3DS (113,000), while it is nowhere even close to the launches of the PS4 (250,000) or the Xbox One (150,000), GI.biz said.
Bear in mind that the new opening-weekend Switch figure does not come from Nintendo. Nintendo has not announced any information on Switch sales for the UK or other markets around the world.
Keep checking back with GameSpot for more.
In the UK, Switch launch title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the second best-selling game of last week , behind only Sony's highly touted PS4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn . Almost 80 percent of Breath of the Wild's sales were for Switch, the remaining 20 percent sold on Wii U .
In the US, retailer GameStop said the Switch had one of the strongest launches in recent years , though, again, no specific unit sales figures were provided.
For more on the Switch, check out GameSpot's review of the console here .

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353 d ago Polygon :: Nintendo says the Switch outsold the Wii at launch
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Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the biggest stand-alone launch title
Continue reading…

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353 d ago Venture Beat :: Nintendo sells 313,700 Switch consoles in Japan over launch weekend
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The lagging console market in Japan still showed up for the newest Nintendo system.
Nintendo’s Switch surpassed 313,700 consoles sold in Japan in its first week, according to weekly Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu ( via Yuji Nakamura ). That only includes the first couple days of sales since the Switch launched on Friday. The hybrid home/handheld system didn’t set a new record for Nintendo in Japan like it did in The Americas , but it was a solid launch for a traditional gaming device in a market that is spending more and more of its time and money on mobile gaming. Japanese players spend more money on average than any other region in that $36.6 billion smartphone gaming sector, and that has led to slow (if not steady) sales for systems like the PlayStation 4 that are popular in other regions.
When compared to other Nintendo systems, the Switch outsold the Wii U, but it was more nearly 70,000 units behind the Wii. But it is right in line with the PS4, which sold 322,100 compared to Switch’s 313,700, which suggests that the core audience of traditional gaming fans bought both devices.
Here’s a look at more first-week sales figures from Japan:
Japan opening week sales:
Switch – 313.7k
NDS – 441k
3DS – 371k
Wii – 371k
PS4 – 322k
NWU – 308k
PSP – 166k
GCN – 134k
PS3 – 88k
— Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) March 7, 2017
While Nintendo didn’t match its Wii sales with the Switch in Japan, it likely knows that it should feel confident about how the system sold. Its home territory has loved Zelda games in the past, but the franchise is more popular in the West — and Breath of the Wild is the one big launch game available for the new hardware. Once Nintendo starts rolling out games like Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, and Pokémon, the Japanese market may respond with more enthusiasm.

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357 d ago Gawker MediaLooks Like A Pornstar Is In The Nintendo Switch
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In Japan, there is an infamous gay porno called A Midsummer Night’s Lewd Dream. The flick has spawned seemingly endless memes online in Japan. It appears like one of its stars is in the Nintendo Switch’s Photo Album set-up screen.

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355 d ago GameSpot :: Nintendo Switch Tips
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Setting up the Nintendo Switch is relatively simple, but you may encounter some quirks later on down the road. Our tips here will help you get better acquainted with Nintendo’s new hardware.
Tip #1: How to remove the Joy-Con controllers from the Nintendo Switch console
Attaching the Joy-Con controllers to the console is very straightforward. You simply slide them onto the rails on the side of the device until you get a satisfying click. Removing them is a little more cumbersome, however. You want to make sure you’re doing it correctly so you don’t damage the hardware.
To remove the Joy-Con controllers, you have to press down on the little black circular buttons on the back before you slide them out.
Tip #2: How to slide the Joy-Con straps on/off the Joy-Con controllers
Nintendo provides two Joy-Con straps along with two Joy-Con controllers with every Switch console. The straps are identical to each other and will slide onto either controller, but you need to orient them correctly. To do this, it helps to align the “-” side of the strap with the - button on the left Joy-Con controller. Similarly, you want to make sure that the + logo on the other strap aligns with the + button on the right controller.
While you need to press down on the small circular buttons on the back of the Joy-Con controllers to detach them from the Switch console, you surprisingly don’t need to press these buttons to release them from the straps. You can simply slide them out.
Tip #3: How to pair a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
If you have a spare USB-C to USB-C cable, you can pair the Pro Controller to the Switch by plugging the controller directly into the bottom of the console. There’s also a way to connect it wirelessly. In the operating system, click on “Controllers” then click on “Change Grip/Order.” From there, press the little pairing button on top of the Pro Controller. The Switch will detect the controller and then you simply need to click the A button to finish the process.
Tip #4: Get a more accurate battery readout
In the main menu, there’s a battery icon on the top right that loosely indicates how much juice your console has left. To get more granular battery information, make sure to take the Switch out of the Dock and tap on the touchscreen above the battery icon. A battery life percentage will appear on the screen for about two seconds.
Tip #5: Inserting a MicroSD card
While the Switch supports UHS-I MicroSD cards, the MicroSD card slot is a bit difficult to find. It’s actually tucked underneath the Switch’s kickstand. Look for the engraved MicroSD outline to help you properly insert the card.

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357 d ago CNET News :: Nintendo hooked me as a kid. Can the Switch win over my son? - CNET
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Nintendo ignited my lifelong interest in video games. Soon, it'll be my son's turn, and the Switch console might just be what does it.
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357 d ago Mashable :: What to do if your Nintendo Switch suddenly won't turn on
Read on Mashable | Share | Tweet

Is your Nintendo Switch not turning on? Don't freak out. It might just need a reset.
In the week since we got Nintendo's new console here at Mashable, I've come across a handful of instances where the Switch just wouldn't turn on. Didn't matter if it was in tablet mode or TV mode — press the power button, no response.
SEE ALSO: Someone put the Nintendo Switch's battery to the test
The fix turned out to be easy: it needed a hard reset. The process is very simple, and similar to what you'd do to reset other electronics.
Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds, then release
Press the power button normally once
More about Nintendo Switch , Nintendo , Gaming , Entertainment , and Entertainment

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357 d ago GameSpotPlayStation, Xbox, And More Congratulate Nintendo On Switch Launch
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Nintendo Switch launches today around the world, and the congratulations are rolling in on Twitter from companies throughout the industry.
Among those to chime in on Twitter so far are Microsoft and Sony, along with a number of third-party developers and publishers.
We've rounded up these congratulatory tweets for you below. We'll add more throughout the day as they come in.
For more on Switch, check out our review and everything you need to know roundup .
@NintendoAmerica It's not every day you get to throw the #Switch on a new console. Congrats! #NintendoSwitch @Nintendo pic.twitter.com/6GrUoSOAhT
— Xbox (@Xbox) March 3, 2017
Today's a big day for @Nintendo ! Congratulations on launch, we can't wait to play.

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357 d ago GameSpot :: Nintendo Switch: Read Exec's Note To Fans On Launch Day
Read on GameSpot | Share | Tweet

It's a big day for Nintendo and the industry overall, as the Nintendo Switch arrives today. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime wrote a note to fans in celebration of the launch.
Posted on Twitter (and reprinted in its entirety below), the note thanks fans for their support. Fils-Aime said the Switch--with its hybrid nature--allows console gaming to go in directions "never possible before." He listed off some of the first-party games coming to Switch this year, including Super Mario Odyssey , which he called a "massive new Mario adventure," and said players can expect "great content" from third-party companies as well.
One of the reasons why the Wii U struggled was because of its lack of good games that were released on a regular basis. Nintendo is taking steps to make sure it doesn't repeat that mistake with the Switch .
In other news about the Switch, a number of companies, including Microsoft and Sony, have publicly congratulated Nintendo on launching the new system .
For more on the Switch, check out GameSpot's review . One of its launch titles, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , is receiving strong reviews , including a 10/10 from GameSpot .
Reggie Fils-Aime's Note To Fans:
"To our incredible fans,
The launch of any new Nintendo system is a special day. But in particular, we can't wait for you to play Nintendo Switch in the comfort of your living room, on the your commute ... or, really, anywhere you want! That's what makes Nintendo Switch so unique.
Over the course of the year, you can play a new game in The Legend of Zelda series, a sequel to Splatoon, and a massive new Mario adventure--not to mention the face-to-face fun of 1-2-Switch , the intense racing action of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe , the surprise that comes from new franchises like Snipperclips - Cut It Out Together or Arms . And you can also look forward to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 , Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch , and all the great content coming from our third-party partners.
I hope you fully enjoy the journey that you're about to begin. Here's to taking console gaming in new directions--and to new places--never possible before. Thanks for being the best fans. Have fun today!"

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316 d ago Polygon :: How to charge the Nintendo Switch on the go
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How to play with power if you’re going mobile
Continue reading…

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356 d ago IGN :: Microsoft, Sony Congratulate Nintendo on Switch Launch
Read on IGN | Share | Tweet

In case you were unaware, Nintendo Switch launched today. Both Microsoft and Sony took the time to reach out and congratulate the company on a successful launch.
The official Xbox UK Twitter account went so far as to make a special mash-up graphic, combining iconic images and themes from both Nintendo and Xbox into one cool piece of art.
Source: Xbox UK Twitter
Continue reading…

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356 d ago GameSpot :: Our Final Nintendo Switch Impressions - The Lobby
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Here are the crew's final thoughts on the Nintendo Switch before it releases!
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364 d ago The GuardianNintendo Switch: everything you need to know about the console
Read on The Guardian | Share | Tweet

How much is it? What are those controllers like? How many games are available? Your questions answered The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – our first five hours with the game
In typical Nintendo style, the company’s latest console – the Switch – is a rather eccentric device . A lot of people are still not entirely sure what to expect when it hits retailers worldwide on 3 March.
We’ve spent a couple of days with one and here’s what we’ve learned so far. Continue reading...

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365 d ago Venture Beat :: 5 Nintendo Switch problems that could hurt the hybrid console
Read on Venture Beat | Share | Tweet

I’ve had the Nintendo Switch for a few days now, and my early impression goes something like this: Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda.
But beyond the Switch’s major launch game, I’ve found that every impressive feature of the Switch comes with its own shortcomings. Everything that would make me want to recommend Nintendo’s new console, which is due out March 3 for $300, comes with a major caveat. Some of these may change between now and when the hardware launches after Nintendo rolls out a day-one update for the launch, and this isn’t a review. At the same time, this is the exact hardware you’ll get if you buy the system on launch day and never connect it to the internet, so it’s worth talking about.
Let’s take a look at five major Nintendo Switch pros and their corresponding cons.
It’s a Zelda playing machine with few games and no Virtual Console
I’m spending most of my Switch time playing Zelda (as that’s the only one that Nintendo sent GamesBeat). I’ll have a lot to say about it soon. For now, I’ll say that the Switch is my Zelda-playing box. Just like Nintendo promised, I’m exploring Hyrule while at home, on the go, or in the bathroom. This is by far it’s biggest selling point, and Nintendo didn’t invent some crazy way to screw that up.
Above: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Switch.
Image Credit: Nintendo
But Zelda is about it when it comes to content for the Switch. Yes, you’ll get a handful of other launch releases including Nintendo’s motion-controlled minigame collection 1-2 Switch, but don’t expect a lot beyond that. For one, Nintendo’s next release is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and that doesn’t come out until April.
For another, Nintendo’s Virtual Console feature that enables you to play NES, SNES, and other retro games on the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS, isn’t coming to the Switch at launch. Nintendo isn’t even saying when the Virtual Console will hit the system. That’s a bummer. I had visions of supplementing my Breath of the Wild play with some Nintendo 64 games or other classics, but now that’s not an option. And it makes the system feel even more like it only has one trick.
It has a zippy user interface that can’t do much
The Switch operating system and user interface were a pleasant surprise for me because everything happens so quickly. Waking the device from sleep only takes 1 second or 2 seconds. Jumping to the home menu from a game happens almost instantaneously. Taking a screenshot is painless. It’s hard to recognize this snappy UI as coming from the same company that made the groggy, sloppy, and slow operating system for the Wii U.
At the same time, this OS doesn’t have a lot going on. Right now, before the day-one update, I can take screenshots but I can’t post them. I can check Nintendo’s official news feed, but I can’t load the eShop. And I can play games. That’s about it. Even when the update does roll out, these features aren’t covering my arms in goose pimples. A powerful, $300 tablet like this kinda begs for apps like Netflix or a built-in social-media client for browsing and posting to Facebook or Twitter. And how about a podcast app so I can listen to some shows while playing games on the same headphones? Switch has a great software foundation, but nothing on top of that does anything to take advantage of those underlying elements.
Switch’s hardware feels well made, but it is buggy
Nintendo has always made strong systems that can put up with a lot of wear and tear, but the Switch is more than that. It has the appearance of a high-end piece of consumer electronics to go along with that solid build quality. Switch improves on the Wii U GamePad controller in every way. It’s smaller with a better screen, and it doesn’t look like a toy.
But this, too, has its problems. The left Joy-Con is having a number of connectivity problems when in TV mode. In the portable mode, the Joy-Cons connect directly to the Switch and work flawlessly. But if you slide them off to use independently, I’ve had a few instances where the left pad desyncs from the console at random. This isn’t an isolated incident as a lot of other media outlets are reporting the same problems.
This is something else that could potentially get fixed in a day-one update — although that won’t help anyone who doesn’t connect their console to the internet.
It’s a portable system that doesn’t fit in your pocket
I played Zelda at the airport yesterday. My mother-in-law flew in from Ohio, and I was waiting to pick her up and take her to the car, and the entire time I was solving puzzles in dungeons in Breath of the Wild. In portable mode, the Switch isn’t a limited experience. You have all the buttons you need to play full, modern games, and the screen is a sharp 720p that makes it easy to spot tiny details HD details. If Breath of the Wild is an early example of what to expect, then the Switch will make playing traditional, telelvision games on the go possible and pleasant.
Except for the problem that I don’t think the Switch will fit in almost anyone’s pocket. I tried :
Trying to move around with the Switch in your pants pocket is bulging and uncomfortable. If you don’t have a bag I don’t know how you carry this thing with you. If you do have a purse or a satchel that you use every day, then this isn’t a problem for you. But I used to take my 3DS to movies with me, and I’d play it while waiting for the trailers to start. That’s not an option with the Switch — at least not for me.
It’s a full console with some comfort issues
The Switch is also a full home console that you can connect to your television, and this works. In this phase of its TV mode/tabletop mode/handheld mode holy trinity, its games look even better because it outputs the visuals at 1080p. And you can play with other people because the Joy-Cons can each serve as individual, stunted gamepads.
But even this isn’t without its problems. Because the Switch is also a portable, Nintendo has scrunched up the button placement so that the control stick and the face buttons on the right Joy-Con are perfectly aligned with one another. On other gamepads from Sony or Microsoft, the stick and buttons are offset so that your thumb can swing over and comfortably reach both at any time. With Nintendo’s system, however, you need to scrunch you thumb up into a claw if you want to go from analog to the A button, and that has caused me some pain.
But it still works
Again, this isn’t a review, and Nintendo could fix many of these flaws in its first update. But I think it’s emblematic of the system as a whole that just about any feature that Nintendo touts comes with an asterisk. Nintendo probably still has something with the Switch, but it needs to patch a few leaks before this ship will be truly seaworthy.

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364 d ago CNBC :: What Nintendo’s new Switch console could mean for the electronics maker
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Nintendo is taking a fresh approach to the video game market with the new Switch console.
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364 d ago GameSpot :: Nintendo Switch Livestream - Console, OS, and Early Zelda Impressions
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Join GameSpot as we discuss our early impressions of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Console, OS, and more.
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364 d ago GameSpot :: Nintendo Switch Gets Another First-Party Launch Game
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Nintendo has announced its puzzle game Snipperclips is coming to Nintendo Switch at launch via the eShop.
The game was previously slated for "March 2017," but has now been given a firm digital release date of March 3, meaning it will launch alongside the Switch itself.
A week later, on March 10, a bundle of the game containing a pair of additional Joy-Cons will arrive at retail. The pack contains a download code for Snipperclips in addition to the Neon Red and Blue Joy-Cons.
Lastly, Nintendo announced a playable demo of Snipperclips will launch on the eShop on March 3, allowing players to try the game out for free.
Snipperclips is the latest game to join the Switch's launch lineup , which also includes: Skylanders Imaginators , 1-2-Switch , Just Dance 2017 , The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , I Am Setsuna , Human Resource Machine , Little Inferno , World of Goo , Shovel Knight , Fast RMX , and Super Bomberman R . Another title, The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ , was also meant to launch on March 3 for the system, but that was recently delayed .
To see Snipperclips in action, check out our hands-on impressions . The game file takes up just 1.6 GB when downloaded-- take a look at a bunch more Switch file sizes here .
For all the games confirmed to be coming to Switch--but not necessarily at launch-- read our roundup here , or get at all the Switch details in one place here .

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364 d ago IGN :: Snipperclips Now a Switch Launch Game
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UPDATE: Nintendo of America has now confirmed that Snipperclips will also be a Switch launch title in North America, and that a demo will be released in the territory. It has not, however, mentioned an equivalent to Europe's Joy-Con bundle.
ORIGINAL STORY: Co-operative puzzle game Snipperclips has been announced as a Nintendo Switch launch title in Europe and Japan. It will cost £18 / €19.
Snipperclips has been shown off at Switch events, but up until now it did not have a release date. Up to four players have to communicate and work together to solve the challenges the game throws at you.
Snipperclips involves each player holding the Joy-Con controller horizontally and cutting the characters, Snip and Clip, into new shapes to solve the puzzles. The main "World" game type is for 1-2 players, and there is also a co-operative "Party" mode for 2-4 players, or a "Blitz" match if you want to compete against each other.
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