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454 d ago
Going live on Instagram? Now you can save live videos to your phone
Like to go live on Instagram but hate to see your videos disappear as soon as you're finished? The photo-focused social media platform now has a solution just for you.
Starting today, Facebook-owned Instagram is rolling out the ability to save live videos to your phone once you've wrapped up a broadcast. This means you can relive (and re-share) your best live moments long after you've moved on to something else. 
While live videos will still vanish from the app proper, you can download the video to your handset by clicking the Save button in the upper right-hand corner. Only the video itself will port over to your phone; all comments, likes, viewer numbers and other interactions won't make the leap. 
Once saved, click Done, and your video will be forever enshrined in your camera roll, though it will no longer be visible on the Instagram app itself.
This is a change of course for Instagram, which made a point when live video first rolled out on the platform that it wanted videos to disappear to foster a pressure-free environment for users . But because Facebook lets you save live videos, it's not surprising Instagram ended up following suit. 
Users on iOS and Android should see the save ability now. Instagram promises more improvements to come for live stories as the year progresses. This, apparently, is just the start.
Here's everything we know about the iPhone 8
live streaming
454 d ago
You can now save your Instagram Live streams to your camera roll
 One of the unique things about Instagram Live is that the videos have always disappeared. After your live stream is over the content is deleted forever — unlike Facebook Live or Periscope, which save your video so audiences can view it after the fact. Until now. Read More
Daily Mail
454 d ago
Instagram now allows users to save live videos
Instagram has introduced a new global feature, allowing users to save their live broadcasts. The update is available in version 10.12 for iOS, and for Android in the Google Play store.
social pro daily
Ad Week
454 d ago
Instagram Is Now Allowing Users to Save Their Live Videos
Instagram live videos still vanish from the application upon completion, but now there's a way to save them. The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network announced that users can now save their live videos to their phones for future viewing. Instagram users who have updated their iOS or Android apps to version 10.12 will see a...
The Next Web
454 d ago
Instagram now lets you save live videos for later

Not long after introducing Stories to Instagram, the company added a live streaming feature akin to the one already available on Facebook. Problem is, once a livestream finished, it was gone forever. Now Instagram lets you streamers save their videos. Once a broadcast has ended, simply click on the Save button on the upper-right corner of the app. The video will still disappear from Instagram itself, but it will be saved onto your camera roll – though there’s nothing stopping you from posting it right back onto Instagram. The video is can only be saved by the streamer, so you don’t…
This story continues at The Next Web
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The Verge
454 d ago
Instagram now lets you save live videos
When Instagram launched its live video streaming feature late last year, it was with a noticeable omission: the ability to save broadcasts once they were concluded, which the company has added to the app today .
It’s a move that puts Instagram Live on par with both Twitter’s Periscope and parent company Facebook’s Live, both of which have allowed users to save videos. When Instagram Live launched, Instagram’s head of product Kevin Weil defended the omission as intentional in order to help make users more comfortable with live-streaming by removing pressure that the videos would be saved forever. It’s worth noting that the replays still don’t save by default, perhaps to still give users the peace of mind that their videos won’t be...
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instagram news
instagram stories live video
live video
Venture Beat
454 d ago
Instagram now lets you save livestreamed videos to your phone
Instagram Stories received live video support in January, but it provided an ephemeral experience, disappearing after 24 hours. While you could save recorded photos and videos since December , live video was an exception. But on Monday, Instagram added a feature that lets you hold onto your live broadcast and rewatch it later on.
Above: Live video within Instagram Stories.
Image Credit: Instagram
After you’ve completed a live video, you can either leave it on Instagram Stories and watch it disappear, or if it was really engaging and worth remembering later on, tap on the “Save” button in the upper right corner.
Only the video will be stored, not the comments, likes, number of viewers, or even the live interactions that take place. The video will be saved to your phone’s camera roll and you can then share it to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or anywhere else you’d like. But be warned: Instagram said that when you do so, the video “will no longer be available in the app,” so be careful when you retrieve it.
With the introduction of live video, perhaps the idea was to highlight things and events not necessarily worth memorable, at least in the long term. Maybe you wanted to record a parade, animals hanging out, you’re just bored one afternoon, or perhaps you’re a creative person and just want to show how you design something. With the proliferation of live video and stories into all Facebook properties, including WhatsApp, Messenger, and even the core Facebook app, the ephemeral functionality is intended to not only rip off more of Snapchat, but to appeal to users in different settings.
Instagram claims that this is the “first of many improvements” it plans on making to live videos this year. It did not specify how many people used live video or provide any updated numbers on Instagram Stories usage.
The save update is part of the latest release of Instagram for iOS and Android.
how to
iphone 6s
455 d ago
This one hack lets you post Live Photos on Instagram
One of the coolest additions to the iPhone 6S was Live Photos . The moving pictures inhabit the space between GIF and video but act more like something out of the wizarding world of Harry Potter, giving iPhone users even more of an excuse to take album upon album of pics.
While social networks like Facebook , Tumblr and Google Photos supported the animated snapshots shortly after launch, photo-centric Instagram still hasn't added direct functionality well over a year afterward. We've been given plenty of new features in the meantime – some good like Snapchat-cloned Stories , some bad like photo albums – but we still can't share Live Photos.  Read more...
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Started 433 d ago until 432 d ago
5 pub.
433 d ago Venture BeatTwitter lets brands create custom hearts within Periscope broadcasts
Read on Venture Beat | Share | Tweet

Twitter is giving brands a bit more creative freedom when it comes to live video. The company announced the launch of Custom Hearts , a program whereby broadcasters will be able to customize the hearts within their Periscope livestream so it matches their brand. The new reactions are not supplanting the existing hearts, and having them appear is as simple as tapping on the heart button.
Brands currently have to work with Periscope to activate these Custom Hearts. The hearts are also considered part of a campaign, so there’s an unspecified shelf life. The broadcast or accompanying tweet will need to have the designated hashtag to enable these special reactions. Then, when a viewer taps on the heart to express their admiration for the live video, Periscope will select random hearts to be transformed into the branded version.
The first campaign to implement Custom Hearts was NBC Universal’s premiere of The Fate of the Furious movie, for which the hearts were transformed into “F8”. No work is needed on the part of the viewer — it’s just the same experience as before, but instead of hearts, they might see a special icon or image instead. Periscope told VentureBeat that there’s no “rhyme or reason” for how some reactions are hearts and others won’t be.
. @ScottEastwood is taking over at the #F8Premiere https://t.co/3lG693uL2N
— Fast & Furious (@FastFurious) April 8, 2017
This is the first time Twitter has opened up creative control to broadcasters around hearts. Previously the company has released special hearts around its birthday and has default ones that show up when someone takes a screenshot, but aside from that, now you’re going to see some additional icons pop up.
As of right now, only broadcasts that are set up directly with Twitter’s team are eligible for Custom Hearts, so don’t think you’ll get something if you put a hashtag in your tweet or Periscope broadcast.
Having special hearts isn’t a significant feature for viewers, but for brands it gives an opportunity to create a custom live video that’s different from other brands, including competitors. Right now all Periscope livestreams look pretty much the same, so customized hearts could be a small but notable distinguishing feature, while also further marketing the brand or campaign.
Twitter said that Custom Hearts will remain present throughout the entire video and can be used alone or combined with Periscope pre-roll ads .
It’s time to learn how AI can transform your business at the 2017 VB Summit, June 5th – 6th in Berkeley. Meet AI ecosystem leaders who are shaping a new digital economy. Request an Invite - Save 50%!

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433 d ago The Next Web :: Twitter now has branded hearts for Periscope
Read on The Next Web | Share | Tweet

Twitter today announced it would begin offering brands customized hearts for use in Periscope. Now, whenever someone wants to spam a reaction while watching a broadcast, they can choose something whimsically appropriate for the occasion. A custom heart popped up in the live broadcast of the Fate of the Furious premiere, where a small “F8” symbol popped up on the side of the broadcast. .@ScottEastwood is taking over at the #F8Premiere https://t.co/3lG693uL2N — Fast & Furious (@FastFurious) April 8, 2017 If this trend holds steady, we could see a heart that looks like Star-Lord’s mask when that movie comes out next…
This story continues at The Next Web
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432 d ago Ad Week :: Periscope Now Allows Brands to Create Custom Hearts
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Periscope now allows brands to create custom hearts that will appear in live and on-demand video broadcasts. These hearts will automatically appear alongside the livestreaming application's normal hearts as viewers tap on the screen to show their support. Once a brand creates a custom heart, it can be activated in broadcasts by using a specific...
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433 d ago TechCrunch :: Twitter now lets brands make their own ‘custom hearts’ for Periscope live videos
Read on TechCrunch | Share | Tweet

 Those little hearts you tap to signal to a live video’s creator that you’re enjoying the content might look a little different on Twitter in the future. The company announced today a new way for brands to engage fans through live video – it will now let them create their own “custom hearts” for use in Periscope’s live video. The customizations can be… Read More

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433 d ago The Verge :: Twitter lets brands customize hearts on Periscope
Read on The Verge | Share | Tweet

Twitter is adding a new feature to Periscope that will let brands add customized hearts to the live-streaming video app, according to TechCrunch . The new branded images will randomly pop up alongside the regular multi-colored hearts that appear on the side as viewers tap the usual “like” button on the side of the screen.
The Fast and Furious franchise was the first to get the custom hearts for a Periscope from the premiere of The Fate of the Furious, with the occasional colorful “F8” logo popping up in place of the usual hearts. The new hearts will show up on brand’s videos both online and in the Periscope app, whether live or replayed.
. @ScottEastwood is taking over at the #F8Premiere https://t.co/3lG693uL2N
— Fast & Furious...
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Started 445 d ago until 445 d ago
4 pub.
445 d ago Venture BeatFacebook now lets anyone broadcast 360-degree live videos
Read on Venture Beat | Share | Tweet

Facebook has begun rolling out access to its feature that lets you livestream in 360 degrees. Initially made available in December to Page administrators through the Live API, it’s now more broadly accessible to everyone. In addition, the 360-degree livestream feature now supports the Samsung Gear 360 (which was also announced today), the Giroptic IO, Insta360, ALLie Camera, Z Cam S1, and Nokia Ozo cameras.
Many people are accustomed to Facebook Live as a means of inviting people to experience real-time moments in their lives and to 360 videos, an immersive format that is suitable for virtual reality. But there has to be a way to make things more transformative, like you are actually there with the broadcaster. This is why Facebook created Live 360. Now anyone with a supported camera can create these interactive moments.
To do a Facebook Live 360, open up the camera’s software, log into the social network, set your post privacy, write a description, and then go live. Detailed instructions for the aforementioned cameras can be found on the Facebook page .
In addition to the global release of this technology, Facebook is also introducing spatial audio to provide sounds within 360 live videos exactly as they are in real life. Spatial audio isn’t a new thing, as it was added in October for pre-recorded 360 videos. But now it’s being extended to live broadcasts.
Making Live 360 available beyond Pages could help in attracting the attention of professional filmmakers and content creators, some of whom don’t even have Pages but have profiles and would love to experiment with more virtual reality movies. While this feature keeps Facebook ahead of Twitter in some regards, it’s still behind YouTube, which has had 360 live video support since November .
Facebook declined to share how many live videos have been created since making Live 360 available to Page administrators.

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445 d ago TechCrunch :: Facebook opens up 360-degree live streaming to all
Read on TechCrunch | Share | Tweet

 Facebook just made live streaming 360-degree video relatively easy, provided you have the equipment to capture the content. Users of devices like the new 2017 model Gear 360 just announced at the S8 smartphone launch, or the Insta360 Nano (for iPhone) and Air (for Android), or a host of higher-end models designed for pros, you can go live and broadcast an immersive feed for your audience.… Read More

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445 d ago CNET News :: Facebook widens 360-degree live-streaming to all - CNET
Read on CNET News | Share | Tweet

Facebook is opening up its tool to live stream video in 360 degrees to all global users, after launching with certain publishers in December.
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445 d ago TechRadar :: Facebook Live now supports 360-degree video for a more immersive view
Read on TechRadar | Share | Tweet

Facebook Live is adding a whole new way to stream events and daily goings-on as the streaming platform opens up 360-degree video to all users.
So long as you've got the equipment handy, you can now broadcast 360-degree video live on Facebook almost exactly the same way as a normal airing, including the option to choose what audiences and regions your stream reaches, as well as see comments and reactions.
The news comes to us courtesy of Insta360 , which develops its own line of 360-degree cameras for Android and Apple devices.
In the video below, the company shows how to get started with 360-degree streaming on Facebook Live, using its own Insta360 Nano and accompanying app to create a fully functioning livestream in just a few short steps.
In addition to the usual Facebook Live settings, you can change the connection quality up to (or even above) the recommended dose of 4Mbps to help customize a nice balance of good picture and smooth performance.
To use 360-degree video on Facebook Live, you'll need to make sure your compatible camera has its firmware updated to support Facebook Live or set it up manually via the social media site. 
Top Image Credit: Insta360 (via YouTube )
How to master Facebook Live
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Started 480 d ago until 479 d ago
2 pub.
480 d ago TechRadarCan't pick just one photo or video to post on Instagram? Now, you don't have to
Read on TechRadar | Share | Tweet

Picking the perfect photo or video to post on Instagram can be a challenge, but now, thanks to a new update, you don't have to choose.
After it was first spotted in beta , Instagram is officially rolling out a feature that lets users bundle up to 10 photos and videos in a single post. The images will appear in a gallery view, letting your followers swipe through to see what's next.
While this all-in-one format will help prevent you from spamming your feed (how many photos of your last vacation do we really need to see?), Instagram imagines uses such as chronicling a birthday party from decorating to blowing out the candles, or detailing a step-by-step how to for your followers.
When uploading images, you'll see a new icon to help you select more than one. If you want to change the order in which your photos and videos appear, simply press down and move the slide. Adding filters and other edits can be done individually, or applied to the entire post.
Unfortunately, you currently can't write a caption for every image, and all posts will appear in square-only view. If you're scrolling through your feed and see a post with little blue dots along the bottom, it means you're in for a multi-parter. If you're on someone's profile, a small layered icon will denote a slideshow post.
To access Instagram's latest, make sure you have the most current version of the app on iOS and Android. Instagram says the feature will be available globally over the coming weeks.
Take a peek at our Snap Spectacles review
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Started 480 d ago until 480 d ago
7 pub.
480 d ago TechCrunchInstagram lets you post up to 10 photos or videos as 1 swipeable carousel
Read on TechCrunch | Share | Tweet

 Instagram wants you to share a more complete picture of your experiences in its classic feed, not just its Snapchat Stories clone. Today, Instagram launches the ability to share a mix of up to 10 photos or videos as a single carousel post that friends can swipe through. You can think of them as Instagram albums that collect permanent photos or videos around a theme. The feature rolls out… Read More

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480 d ago Re/code :: Instagram will now let you upload 10 photos at once
Read on Re/code | Share | Tweet

The new “photo carousels” are meant to encourage more posting.
How do you get people to share more photos? You simply let them share more photos.
That’s the approach Instagram is taking with its newest feature, photo and video carousels, which let users share up to 10 pictures or videos at once. The carousels will feature the first photo or video of the group in your Instagram feed just like other posts, but allow users to swipe to the left or right to see other content uploaded in the same batch.
As Instagram explained it in a company blog post Wednesday: “You no longer have to choose the single best photo or video from an experience you want to remember.”
In other words, Instagram wants to lower the bar for what users consider to be “Instagram worthy.” The company has spent the past year trying to come up with ways to increase sharing and decrease pressure around posting to a feed full of people’s most highly curated moments.
That was one of the key reasons Instagram launched Stories , the photo and video montages that disappear after 24 hours. The company realized in late 2015 that the quality of photos shared to the main feed was actually turning people away.
As Kevin Weil, Instagram’s head of product, explained it to Recode in an interview last December: “[Instagram] became a place where people kept raising the bar on themselves in terms of the quality of what they had to achieve to post. We didn’t want that.”
So Instagram is lowering that bar, first with Stories and now with carousels.
There is a business benefit to user carousels, too: More room for advertiser content. Marketers could already buy carousel ads inside Instagram, but now those ads can include up to 10 photos or videos — the previous limit was five. So giving users more space to share photos also means giving advertisers more space to share ads.
The new feature will roll out to Instagram users worldwide beginning Wednesday.
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480 d ago Venture Beat :: Instagram now lets you share up to 10 photos and videos per post
Read on Venture Beat | Share | Tweet

Instagram is rolling a feature out across its iOS and Android apps that allows its 600 million monthly active users to share more in a post. Now, instead of selecting all your best photos and videos and flooding your friends’ notifications with them, you can share up to 10 photos and videos in a single post.
Above: Uploading multiple images to share in an Instagram post.
Image Credit: Instagram
Although somewhat akin to Instagram Stories , this new feature is more permanent in nature and lacks stickers and drawing. When uploading a batch of photos and videos, tap a new icon within Instagram. You’ll be able to edit posts like you would normally, including editing the entire post or individual photos and videos. These can also be re-ordered prior to publishing. However, captioning, location tags, likes, and comments are applied to the entire post.
The downside: It’s limited to square ratio images and videos, a restriction that Instagram did away with in 2015 . Hopefully, the company will soon ease up and allow photos and videos of all aspect ratios to be inserted into these carousel posts.
To distinguish these new carousel-like posts from standard posts, Instagram has added an icon within your profile feed to denote that there are more images within the post. And when you’re looking at one of these posts, there will be blue dots at the bottom to show that there is more content and that you can view the rest by swiping left or right.
This capability is beneficial for when you’re on vacation, at a party, or on any other occasion when you just want to share a bunch of photos on Instagram.
Above: What carousel-like posts look like within your profile on Instagram.
Image Credit: Instagram
“Sometimes you want to show more than just the best photo or video from a memorable experience. Now, users and businesses alike can tell a deeper story by grouping moments together in one post without having to worry about over-posting,” an Instagram spokesperson told VentureBeat.
Of course there were already ways for people to be creative in the storytelling department, either by relying on Instagram Stories, which is ephemeral, or by leveraging the Layouts app to create collages in posts. The problem with Layouts is that the more photos are added, the smaller they become, and you cannot add videos.
While the general public will find this feature appealing, it’s also a good thing for businesses, since it’ll provide opportunities to engage in campaign storytelling. But this isn’t the first time brands have been exposed to this type of media format, since some may have used Instagram’s carousel ads .
When Instagram first launched, it distinguished itself as app that let you post a single image to share with friends and followers, with the philosophy that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But nearly seven years later, it has shifted to providing users the tools to tell a creative story in a manner befitting the moment. It’s likely that Instagram benefited from the fact that its Stories offering received good pick-up from users — 150 million users read Stories daily .
Facebook declined to provide information about how well this feature did in early tests.
Users will start seeing the feature today, and it will be rolling out globally over the next few weeks on both iOS and Android.

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480 d ago The Wall Street Journal :: Instagram Now Lets You Make Slideshows
Read on The Wall Street Journal | Share | Tweet

Instagram is beginning the global rollout of an iOS and Android app update that will let users share up to 10 photos or videos in one post.
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480 d ago The Next Web :: Instagram now lets you share 10 photos and videos in one post
Read on The Next Web | Share | Tweet

Following up on its test a couple of weeks ago, Instagram is making a major change to its platform: you can now share multiple images in a single post. The feature has long been available to advertisers, but this is the first time it’s becoming generally available to the public. To access the feature, simply press the new icon on the bottom right of your images you can select up to 10 of them. You can also tap and hold on images to change the order in which they appear. Your friends will then be able to swipe through the carousels…
This story continues at The Next Web
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