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walt disney company
women and girls
star wars: the force awakens movie
star wars rebels tv program
star wars forces of destiny
New York Times
69 d ago
A ‘Star Wars’ Salvo in the Toy-Store Gender Wars
Disney animated shorts and merchandise will celebrate female characters. The initiative comes after critics took the company to task over lack of gender parity.
69 d ago
The women of 'Star Wars' are getting their own series
The women of "Star Wars" are getting a chance to conquer the universe.
star wars celebration
star wars
forces of destiny
Gawker Media
70 d ago
Women of Star Wars Get Highlighted in New Series of Animated Shorts
Disney and Lucasfilm have started this year’s Star Wars Celebration on the right foot, announcing a new series of animated shorts called Forces of Destiny... all about some of Star Wars’ most iconic female characters, with several of the actresses reprising their starring roles.
star wars
70 d ago
Who run the galaxy? Star Wars women get their own cartoon series and toys.
Despite the presence of Princess Leia, Queen Amidala, Rey, and Jyn Erso on our screens, it can't be said often enough: the Star Wars franchise isn't just for boys.
That point will be driven home this summer by a new initiative called Star Wars: Forces of Destiny. It's a series of toys and cartoons, aimed at a younger demographic, where the women of Star Wars take center stage. 
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Narrated by Maz Kanata (Lupita Nyong’o), Forces of Destiny will offer 16 animated shorts, each around three minutes long, which will be available online and on the Disney Channel beginning in July.  Read more...
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